GIS Developer #2724

Posted on September 16, 2019

GIS Developer -Sacramento, CA - WSP: Organize and maintain the Program’s geospatial data assets within an ArcServer virtualized environment and facilitate data collaboration between Program participants.

Requires: Bachelor's degree in Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Urban Planning or related Six (6) months experience as a GIS developer/Technician or related.

Duties: Organize and maintain Programs’ geospatial data assets within ArcServer virtualized environment and facilitate date collaboration between Program participants.

Experience must include: Develop, troubleshoot, and maintain applications utilizing SQL, HTML5, JSON, RESTful web services (including WMS, TMS), ASP.NET, ArcObjects SDK, Visual Basic, C#, Visual Studio, JavaScript API, DOJO, ESRI ModelBuilder, Python, and jQuery. Optimize data interoperability using extract, transform, and load toolsets (including FME Desktop and FME Server) to integrate data between platforms, formats, applications, and server environments. Utilize ESRI Product Suite to facilitate development, deployment, operations, management, and maintenance of geospatial assets, software, tools, applications, and systems utilized within Amazon WorkSpaces (Development, Staging and Production) that support linear based projects and programs. Conduct and/or utilize linear referencing, dynamic segmentation, multiuser geodatabase, ArcGIS for Server, geodatabase design, database replication/versioning techniques, GIS scripting languages and tools, ArcGIS desktop client/ArcSDE server interface, and geostatistical and spatial analysis.