Wholesale Interiors Inc.

Bensenville , IL

Budget Analyst

Wholesale Interiors Inc.
Bensenville, IL Full-time
Posted on March 10, 2019

Wholesale Interiors Inc in Bensenville, Illinois seeks a Budget Analyst - to gather & analyze budgeting & accounting data and prepare budget reports; support risk management, fiscal allocation, budget preparation; estimate financial needs.

Requires a Master's degree in Accounting or Finance; demonstrated knowledge in financial statement analysis & corporate finance, related undergraduate or graduate courses acceptable. 

Budget Analyst Job Duties:

  1. Gather financial records and prepare budget reports
  2. Analyze budgeting and accounting data to maintain expenditure controls
  3. Provide technical support with risk management, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation
  4. Estimate future financial needs

Minimum requirements:

  1. Master’s Degree in Accounting, Economics, or Finance
  2. Demonstrated knowledge in microeconomics, corporate finance management, and risk management, related undergraduate or graduate courses acceptable