Information Security Engineer

Western Union, LLC   Denver, CO   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on February 11, 2024

Information Security Engineer (Western Union, LLC, Denver, CO)

Monitor, evaluate, and maintain systems and procedures to safeguard internal information systems and databases. Define, implement, and maintain information security practices and technologies to ensure appropriate protection of Western Union's data. Research, recommend, and implement changes to enhance systems security. Educate and communicate security requirements and procedures to all users and new employees. Utilize strong policy and process knowledge as well as strong skills and substantial expertise with a variety of technologies. Interact with management in various departments, vendors, and business functions. Coordinate with various teams to onboard their data into Splunk. Onboard diverse data types from multiple different platforms including Cloud, network, server, application, and security. Gather requirements and ensure they adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Onboarding Checklist. Facilitate the development of appropriate configurations for data inputs including UF, syslog, and HEC. Normalize the data for ingestion. Assist with content creation including dashboards, report, and alerts. Support the Sr. Splunk Engineer with general Splunk administrative tasks. Salary: $119,891 - $175,700 per year.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree or U.S. equivalent in Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field, plus 1 year of professional experience as an Information Systems Security Analyst, Security Analyst, or any occupation/position/job title involving system administration and development.

Must also have experience in the following: 1 year of professional experience in Splunk including Splunk 6.x and Splunk 7.x, Splunk Enterprise, Splunk DB Connect, Splunk Web Framework, Splunk Machine Learning Tool kit; 1 year of professional experience in Operating Systems including Windows, Unix/Linux; 1 year of professional experience in Concepts including SIEM, SDLC, SSAE, Object Oriented Analysis and Design; 1 year of professional experience in Programming Languages including C, Python, and UNIX shell scripts; 1 year of professional experience utilizing project management tools including Jira, Confluence; and 1 year of professional experience in AWS Cloud services.

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