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Western NE farm   Potter, NE   Full-time     Farming / Fishing / Forestry
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Posted on June 30, 2021

Seeking farm hand for Employment on Western NE farm. Running late model equipment. Diversified farm Duties including, tractor, combine, & truck. Competitive salary Experience preferred but not required. 

A farmhand assists farmers in raising and feeding livestock and growing crops at a farm.

On a typical workday, you will be required to perform many physically challenging activities such as cultivating the soil, sowing crops, and ensuring that weeds do not take over the crop patch.

You will also be looking after the needs of livestock and other farm animals by feeding them, cleaning their pens, and ensuring their overall wellbeing.

Since there are many different environments that you can work in at a farm, you may be expected to specialize in one area.

For instance, a dairy farm will require you to possess knowledge of milk production and the breeding aspect of a dairy farm.

Other possible employers of a farmhand include fruit and vegetable farms, piggeries, poultry farms, and cattle farms.

Western NE farm

Potter , NE