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Salt Lake City , UT

Education Attorney #19255

utah office of attorney general
Salt Lake City, UT Full-time
Posted on March 28, 2019

Education Attorney

The Office of the Attorney General, Education Division, is seeking an additional attorney to represent Salt Lake Community College and to perform legal services, specifically including litigation, associated with institutions of higher education. This attorney will work with Assistant Attorney Generals who provide representation to Utah's public institutions of higher education, as well as with the General Counsel for Salt Lake Community College.

The responsibilities of this position include the following:

1.Provide written and oral legal advice to Salt Lake Community College on a wide range of legal issues related to institutions of higher education, which could include, but is not limited to personnel/student issues and disputes, contracts, state/federal law compliance, and associated litigation.

2. Litigate matters not covered by State Risk Management. Conducts or represents institution at formal and informal hearings and/or trials, as well as with regard to grievances, negotiations, and/or other matters.

3. Work closely with the in-house General Counsel at Salt Lake Community College with regard to the General Counsel's coordination of legal services to the institution.

4. Prepares cases by conducting legal research and gathering evidence.

5. Receives, re searches, and responds to incoming questions or complaints; provides information, explains policy and procedures, and/or facilitates resolutions.

6. Conduct legal review of policies considered for adoption by Salt Lake Community College.

7. Attend regular Board of Trustee meetings as is necessary.

8. Provide legal review, analysis, "best practice" advice and counsel for a wide range issues to minimize risks typically associated with institutions of higher education.

Legal work for institutions of higher education can be extremely diverse. The successful candidate should have excellent written and oral advocacy skills, first-rate legal acumen, and the ability to communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely. Litigation experience in state and federal court is preferred, as this position is envisioned to address all non-Risk covered litigation throughout Utah's system of higher education. A minimum of three years legal experience required. Membership in the Utah State Bar and qualification for admission to the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah are required. The position is a career service position upon successful completion of a one year probationary period and the salary is commensurate with experience in conjunction with the career service matrix.

The position is located on the main campus of Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah.