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Posted on November 21, 2022

for Studies of Memory and the Brain 

Studies involve monitoring your brain activity through an imaging method called electroencephalography (EEG) while you perform tasks on a computer. Each visit will last 1-4 hours. Participants are paid $15 per hour and compensated for travel expenses.
Participants must be in good general health and meet the following criteria:
 Be between 30-80 years of age
 Speak English as your first language (or have learned English in childhood)
 Be in good general health
Your participation will help scientists understand the basic processes of healthy memory and the causes of memory impairments associated with age, injury and disease.

If you would like to take part or receive further information about our studies, please call
or email us at:
Phone: (574) 634-0264
This research is conducted under the direction of Joshua D. Koen, PhD.

Department of Psychology
Memory, Aging, and Cognition Lab