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Assistant Researcher

Lawrence, KS Full-time
Posted on November 1, 2019

Assistant Researcher

Higuchi Biosciences Center

Position Overview

Under general supervision of Leader and Director of the Genome Sequencing Core, the Assistant Director will perform routine assignments such as user training and equipment maintenance, as well as general core maintenance activities such as inventory, ordering and billing. Primary responsibilities will include: (a) assisting with sample handling, library preparation, and sample quality control, (b) weekly maintenance of the sequencing machines and other equipment, (c) assisting in setting up and running the sequencers, (d) general lab maintenance activities such as ordering, inventory, and billing.

Job Description

70% Assisting the Director with sample processing, library construction, and quality control.
10% Weekly maintenance of the sequencing machines and other lab equipment.
10% GSC user training on lab equipment.
5% Lab maintenance activities such as ordering, inventory, and billing record keeping.
5% Other tasks as assigned by the Director, including assisting the Director with consultations with users about experimental design.

Required Qualifications

1.  Bachelor’s degree in one of the biological or chemical sciences.
2.  Demonstrated experience using molecular biology in a laboratory setting, including manipulation of RNA and DNA samples, as evidenced in application materials.

Preferred Qualifications

1.  Two years of experience using DNA/RNA molecular biology in a research laboratory setting.
2. Experience with preparing samples for next-generation sequencing.
3.  Ability to manage and organize multiple research projects.
4.  Ability to work in a collaborative environment.