United Methodist Church - Detroit Lakes   Detroit Lakes, MN   Full-time     Maintenance
Posted on July 10, 2020

Responsible for weekly cleaning of church (During most weeks in the summer this can take place once per week, during the school year it this cleaning will need to be twice a week and possibly more if there are special events, after Sunday AM and after Wednesday nights).

Can average 5-7 hours per week... depending on events being held.

A. Clean front hall narthex, dust surfaces, sweep and mop the floor.
B. Collect and remove garbage from the Church
C. Vacuum and dust Sanctuary including the choir loft, Altar area, Fellowship Hall, Sunday School rooms, workroom, Lounge, Choir room, and vacuum all four front offices.
D. Sweep or vacuum, dust and generally clean Christian education rooms, not including small blessings
E. Thoroughly clean bathrooms including sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing fixtures, toilets and urinals,
F. Report to the Trustee chairperson when church requires major cleaning that would best be accomplished with the use of volunteers.
G. Clean floors in the kitchen, and make sure the kitchen is clean.
H. Clean the front glass doors each week
I. Generally pick up and clean to create a warm and welcoming first impression for visitors, members, and guests.
J. Spot clean the carpet as needed
K. order cleaning supplies as needed, order paper products as needed.

Attend monthly Trustee meetings to help give insight and information about building needs.

Provide cleaning services for Special Church Events

The custodian works independently most of the time. The custodian needs to be able to assess work that needs to be done and schedule it to be done on a timely basis. The custodian will receive suggestions from many different sources and will have to make decisions on what he/she can do within the parameters of his/her job and what will require decisions to be made by the Trustees.

The custodian works more independently than most but must be able to field questions from the entire congregation in a pleasant and helpful manner. The custodian needs to work closely with the Trustees and provide timely information to them concerning the condition of the Church buildings. The custodian is responsible to both the Trustees and SPRC and may need to deal in a constructive way with conflicting messages. The Custodian needs to communicate with the Pastor about Special Church events that may require Custodial attention.