Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

Trinity Area School District
Washington, PA Full-time
Posted on August 7, 2019

Trinity Area School District Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

General Responsibilities:

  • Abide by and enforce all policies, rules and regulations of the department and/or the district relative to their program as outlined in the Athletic Handbook.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for their work.
  • Promote goodwill for their program in the school community.
  • Employ professional ethics in their association within the school community.
  • Be economic in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to and cooperate with all other coaches and athletic programs in the district.
  • Demonstrate mature responsibility in non-coaching areas related to their programs.


  • Notify the news media of results of events in their activity as directed.
  • Participate in award assemblies for their activity.
  • Cooperate with and assist the individual whose responsibility it is to properly mark, distribute, maintain, clean, recondition, store and inventory all of their equipment and supplies.
  • Within responsible time after the completion of a season, restore facilities used during the season to the condition in which they were at the beginning of the season.