Telephone Collector

TFC-USA   Park City, UT   Full-time     Call Center / Customer Service
Posted on September 11, 2020

Telephone Collector

Veteran owned collection agency seeks a telephone collector. Successful candidate will possess solid verbal communication and negotiation skills and be able to use clear and concise language. The job requires the ability to understand, and present information. Candidate has an empathetic understanding of subjects difficulties while not losing site of the task and form as much of a rapport as possible under the circumstances. Negotiating payment arrangements on past due accounts is the core of the collectors job. Being able to articulate well, provide clear, concise response and instruction is integral to a collectors success; Consequently, active listening is essential. Further, the ability to react professionally to irate or abusive individuals is required.

Reading comprehension and writing skills are important as well. The collector documents every interaction, consequently keyboarding skill is important. TFC-USA represents its clients in a professional and productive manner. The collector recovers funds past due and owing using a professional and competent approach.

Hours: Flexible 35/hours per week. Starting salary $16/hour plus monthly commission.

TFC-USA Full time Employee d but not required. Entry Level Howard Seares 


Park City , UT