Forest & Conservation Workers #VA1742163

Superior Forestry Service, Inc.
South Boston, VA Full-time
Posted on October 5, 2019

Superior Forestry Service, Inc. is hiring 110 Forest & Conservation Workers to work in various counties in VA, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, OH, TN, & WI from 12/1/19 to 8/15/20. Hourly wage ranges from $10.54 to $24.15, depending on location. OT hourly wages range from $15.81 to $36.23. Monday-Friday (8 hours) (8 AM to 5 PM); 40 hours /week. Under supervision, perform manual labor necessary to develop, maintain, or protect forests, forested areas, woodlands & remote utility right of ways through such activities as planting, transporting tree seedlings & applying herbicides. Full time temporary job offer. Workers may be offered additional hours in a single workday. Severe weather may affect the number of available hrs during a workweek. Weekend work may be offered. OT may be offered &, if worked, will be paid at time & one half the regular hourly rate. Required physical stamina. Work is in adverse weather. Must lift & carry 50 lbs. Extensive walking over rough terrain. No education or experience required. If applicable, transportation & a subsistence allowance to the job will be paid upon completion of 50% of the employment period or earlier. Return transportation will be provided or paid for by the employer if the non-local worker completes the employment period or is dismissed early by the employer. Employer provides transportation between work sites.

Optional transportation provided to daily worksites from a central location at no cost. This ad, including its wage & working terms & conditions, is contingent upon prevailing U.S. Immigration law, including Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security regulations. If any such prevailing law or portion thereof is rescinded, superseded, vacated, or substantially modified, then the parties will renegotiate in good faith any affected term. Overnight travel is required. The employer will assist non-local workers in locating reasonably priced optional shared housing near the areas of employment & the employer will pay for the cost of that lodging to the extent that such costs would reduce pay below the offered wage rate for the area of intended employment. Production standard of 2000 trees correctly planted /8 hour day after 1 week of on the job training. Employer provides all tools, supplies & equipment required to perform the job. Employer may pay a piece rate of $15-$100/1000 tree seedlings planted correctly, or the prevailing wage in the area of intended employment, whichever is higher. The employer will make all deductions from the worker paychecks as required by law. Workers who hold or obtain a MSPA certificate with driving authorization may transport workers and may be offered additional work hours.