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Safety & Security Officer #144

Spokane Regional Human Resources
Spokane, WA Full-time
Posted on June 23, 2019

Job #144

Safety & Security Officer

Full time opening in Administration.

Purpose: The primary role of this position is to provide for the security and safety of individuals and District property. The Safety & Security Officer regularly patrols the grounds and ensures the enforcement of all rules and regulations. This is an unarmed position. The duties in this position also include providing general information and assistance to individuals as needed.

Patrols the district grounds on foot to include monitoring for unusual and suspicious activities, theft, fires, individual safety, etc. Observes and when possible prevents unsafe or unauthorized practices from occurring on the premises.    

  • Monitors the entry and exit of visitors and employees.
  • Ensures clients of the Opioid Treatment Program adhere to the Dose and Go policy and patrol the grounds for loiterers and smokers.
  • Ensures all persons on the grounds have some form of business at SRHD to be on the premises.
  • Responds to security calls and takes appropriate actions.
  • Assists the public in providing general information such as that which may be found on the building directory.
  • Escorts visitors to an appropriate destination when monies, documents or safety of property or persons are a concern.
  • Assists individuals in the building or on the grounds with directions or any related information.
  • Reports any security breaches and suspicious circumstances to supervisor for follow-up and action.
  • Notifies supervisor of any unlocked doors.