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Posted on March 22, 2020

Job #204 Public Health Nurse 2

2 Full/Part time openings in Community Health.

Purpose: Provide home visits to clients enrolled in the Nurse Family Partnership Program. The nurse is responsible for providing comprehensive services to these clients and their families including nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, health education, referral, support and advocacy. The nurse is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of clinical nursing practice and adherence to the NFP model, and to policies, procedures, guidelines and standards of NFP and SRHD.  

Screening, Assessment, Intervention:

  • Conducts comprehensive and ongoing nursing health assessments to evaluate physiological, social/emotional, behavioral, spiritual, environmental, and communicable risk factors and strengths of individuals and families
  • Completes screenings as required in the area of development, health and nutrition
  • Analyzes and interprets individual and family health and assessment data to develop nursing diagnosis and nursing care in collaboration with the family. Assists women and their families in establishing goals and outcomes, identifies and implements appropriate nursing interventions and referrals
  • Documents in the agency medical record system and NFP data base (FLO) in a timely and accurate manner and complies with HIPAA and confidentiality requirements
  • Utilizes reflective practice as required by NFP model

Family Centered Care

  • Carries a caseload of up to 15 clients
  • Plans and facilitates home visits with families using NFP home visit guidelines and facilitators
  • Individualizes service delivery to clients by considering learning styles, development, temperament, interests, family culture, and screening and assessment results
  • Assists families in identifying family strengths and needs and setting goals to address needs
  • Helps link families with community agencies for needed services to increase their self-sufficiency skills, education and employment opportunities while decreasing risk factors
  • Follows up with families to determine if referrals meet family need
  • Accurately and confidentially documents assessments, interventions, and outcomes using electronic medical record, NFP data base, or other documentation system
  • Actively participates in research projects as indicated
  • Provides age appropriate, culturally and ethnically sensitive care
  • Monitors progress of children and families for ongoing planning and reporting of outcomes
  • Assists families in planning for transition out of the program when the child reaches age 2
  • Maintains client confidentiality and complies with agency HIPAA policy and procedure
  • Maintains accurate and current records regarding nursing activities and completes Medicaid Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS) in a timely manner

Program Implementation:

  • Understands the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) philosophy, goals, priorities, and initiatives
  • Understands and implements the NFP policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and other regulations that affect the program
  • Promotes public awareness of NFP
  • Works with community referral sources to assure appropriate referrals are being made to the program
  • Recruits eligible first-time mothers and eligible high-risk multiparous women into the project based upon NFP and research guidelines (when indicated)
  • Responds to new referrals in a timely manner, generally within 72 hours of receipt
  • Participates in evaluation of team performance and other Continuous Quality Improvement effort

Partnership and Collaboration:

  • Provides ongoing nursing assessment and evaluation of outcomes to optimize self-care abilities of individuals and their families
  • Collaborates and consults with physicians, nurses and other community professionals to coordinate services for the client, and to facilitate implementation of the plan of care
  • Meets with collaborating organizations on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Meets with NFP Nurse Supervisor weekly for clinical and reflective supervision
  • Schedules joint home visits with NFP Nurse Supervisor every four months
  • Acts as a mentor for less experienced staff and/or nursing students
  • Provides expert witness testimony when subpoenaed
  • Actively participates in groups and team meetings

Emergency Response:

  • Adheres to agency chain of command in an emergency response situation
  • Conducts “just in time” training for staff in a public health emergency as needed/requested
  • Recognizes deviations from the norm in daily work that might indicate a significant problem or emergency and takes appropriate action

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • 2 years of Public Health Nursing experience desired

Required Licensure/Certification:

  • RN licensure State of Washington.
  • Valid Washington State driver's license and current automobile insurance

Required Immunizations:

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Received training in all levels of the NFP model from the National Service Organization (NSO) and can demonstrate proficiency in the model
  • Completion of all NFP mandated trainings and ability to become proficient in any new interventions that may be introduced within established time frame
  • Achieves and maintains reliability with Dyadic Assessment of Naturalistic Caregiver-Child Experiences “DANCE”
  • Has received training in motivational interviewing and demonstrates ability to use client centered interventions and motivational interviewing strategies when working with NFP clients
  • Knowledge of ACE’s and ability to apply interventions though a trauma sensitive lens
  • Demonstrates competence with the use of NFP mandated screening tools including PHQ-9, GAD-7, ASQ, ASQ-SE, HOME, DANCE, STAR
  • Obtains/maintains certification in CPR and First Aide
  • Familiar with Promoting First Relationships materials and demonstrates ability to utilize these interventions in daily practice
  • Maintains practice in accordance with established NFP guidelines to assure compliance with the fidelity of the model
  • Knowledge and ability to assess a client’s needs and adjust nursing methodologies and presentation of NFP curriculum based upon their readiness and needs
  • Demonstrates ability to develop a therapeutic relationship with the family and child
  • Ability to utilize a strengths-based approach when working with individuals/families.
  • Has the knowledge and ability to fully participate in reflective supervision sessions
  • Knowledgeable and proficient in utilizing the NSO Data Base (FLO) and agency electronic medical record
  • Knowledge of normal pregnancy and childhood growth and development.
  • Ability to assist in creating a positive work environment that promotes productivity, mentoring, teamwork and cooperation.
  • Ability to create a communication environment where clients and colleagues feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.
  • Ability to make appropriate use of interpretation services and translated materials.
  • Ability to receive and incorporate feedback about behaviors and performance into daily practice.
  • Ability to utilize appropriate methods of interacting sensitively, effectively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, education, racial, ethnic, and professional backgrounds and persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences
  • Ability to deal with high risk clients with multiple competing needs and maintain a healthy balance between work and home
  • Ability to utilize social marketing tools when appropriate
  • Ability to work flexible time schedule, occasional early morning, evening, or weekend home visits
  • Ability to work independently and exercise good judgment
  • Demonstrates capacity to assume responsibility for own practice.
  • Demonstrates communication that is clear, effective and respectful of differences
  • Demonstrates good punctuation, grammar and spelling skills and strong written and verbal communication skills to interact effectively in person or via telephone
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal, leadership and communication skills including strong written, verbal and listening skills
  • Knowledge of public health issues and trends
  • Knowledgeable of and able to describe the public health role and the agency’s chain of command in responding to a range of likely emergencies
  • Knowledge of state nursing statutes and regulations and assures public health nursing practice is within the scope and standards of the Nurse Practice Act
  • Ability to analyze data reports and develop appropriate quality improvement strategies to improve practice based on the data.
  • Knowledgeable of and integrates evidence-based practice into own practice
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint
  • Participates in continuing education workshops/conferences to increase skill and competencies.
  • Skill and ability to identify the influence that cultural, social and behavioral factors have on the health of individuals and families

Environmental Factors:

  • Indoors, sedentary with 4 hrs./day sitting or standing
  • 1-2 hrs./day typing/keyboarding
  • Communication skills to interact effectively with people
  • Comprehend and process verbal communication
  • Ability to discern odors
  • Visual acuity to read small print
  • Must be able to bend, twist and stoop, and lift/carry up to 25 lbs. on a regular basis
  • Ability to type, file and complete forms with or without accommodation
  • Ability to operate a vehicle or otherwise access multiple sites in a timely manner
  • Ability to navigate response/client sites on a regular or occasional basis
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including occasional evenings and weekends