Sr Supervisor, Audit

Santander Consumer USA Inc.   Dallas, TX   Full-time     Accounting
Posted on June 12, 2022
Sr Supervisor, Audit
Santander Consumer USA Inc.
(Dallas, TX)
To ovrsee & guide audt staff thrgh intrnl IT audt rvws & actvties, incl ovrseeing fld wrk & rvws & challngng testng & wrk paprs preprd by audt staff. Examne busnss rcrds, collect info & then idntfy issues, assess rsks, frmulate findngs & prsnt results to Audt Mgr. Exec contrl dsgn & operatng effctivnss testng over areas that req deepr undrstndng of busnes or functn under rvw. Condct post-audt follow-up to appraise adeqcy of corrctve
action taken to addrss audt recmmndns. Docmnt audt testng & follow-up tasks. Partcpte in planng of audt rvws & actvties, & dsgn test steps & audt procdres as part of intrnl audt prgrm. Asst w/ assgng staff to complete specfc audt tests & procdres. Ensure fldwrk is completd w/in budgtd timefrme. Partcpate
in draftng sectns of audt rprt/conclusn docmnt. Asst w/ commncatng findngs to & draftng recmmndns w/ busnss mgmt. Reqs Bach in CompSci, Systm Engg, IT & Mgmt, or closely rltd fld +5yrs post-Bach prgrssv exp in offrd pos or in Systms Engnr or IT Audit pos. 3yrs of reqd exp mustve incld condcting or leadng rsk-based intrnl audts of compny's IT actvties; condctng or leadng IT audt testng, docmntng prcesses rviewed, & summrzng & communcatng audt results & idntfd
rsks to mgmt; examning securty breaches, assessng & evaltng adquacy of intrnl cntrls, govrnce frmewrk, & cmplnce w/ estblshd policies & procdres; dvlpng recommndns to close idntifd cntrl gaps & exec cntrl dsgn & IT opratns effctvenss testng; prfmng follow-up rvws of prior audt issues, detrmning if approp corrctve actions have been taken to addrss prvsly
issued recommndns; verfyng proper installatn of sftwre patches & rvwng var securty measures to protect busnss's systms/netwrks from securty breaches; & genratng quantve & qualtve IT audt rprts to improve finc'l effctvenss & reduce rsk. E-mail rés to
Christina Stout, Ref #112.