Associate, Pricing

Santander Consumer USA Inc.   Dallas, TX   Full-time     Health Care Provider
Posted on October 3, 2021
Associate, Pricing
Santander Consumer USA Inc. (Dallas, TX)
To rsrch, dvlp & implmt competitve pricng prgrms &/or bankng prdcts & srvces for var LOBs to apprpriately price based on rsk, deposit, capture rate, or crdit goals while maintng proftblty thru finc'l modlng & forecastng. Suppt elemnts of globl pricng stratgy dvpmt & refinemnt, incl globl pricng opprtnty identfc'n & pricng chnge planng. Mnge aspcts of rate chnge opprtnty vettng & forecastng, incl, but not ltd to, busnss case & stkehldr impct assessmt dvpmt on
Annual Opertng Plan/Multi-Yr Plan from proposd new fees/srvces &/or rate modificat'ns. Prvde detaild quantv anlys in suppt of idntfyng & vettng new opportnts to drve org's revnue & mitgte rsk. Bld & maintn busnss lndscpe knwldge, to prvde foundatnl contxt for pricng intiatves. Monitr & prfm cmpliance actvties on intrchnge rate prgrms. Communcte & bld suppt for recmmndns amng busnss leadrs acrss org. Reqs Bach in Finance or Econ +2yrs exp in pos offrd or as Anlyst, Sr Anlyst or Sr Specialst, Pricng. All reqd exp mustve incld prfmng finc'l modlng & forecastng to eval prft
of busnss portflios usng knwldge of accntng, finc'l mrkts, & monetry polcy; prfmng quantv/ statstcl
anlys to drve imprved busnss prfmnce usng advncd MS
Excel tools (incl formulas,
pivot tables, & data anlys) & SQL/SAS progrmmng; dvlpng pricng modls to valdate pricng of cmplx loan strctures usng knwldge of loan lifecycle; evaltng operationl impct of var amndmts to loans by applyng knwldge of loan prdcts & finc'l mrkt; prfmng in-dpth reconciliatn prcess to balnce books & rcrds to mitgate finc'l rsk by utlzng accntng sklls; & rprtng key metrcs & proposals/findngs to sr mgmt usng Excel
(formulas, pivot tables, & VBA). Email res to Christina Stout, Ref #129 on rés.