Blueberry Pickers

Sandy Hill Blueberry Farm
Raynham, MA Temporary
Posted on June 30, 2019

Wanted  Blueberry Pickers,
for local farm in Raynham Ma must be 14 years or older

Get paid to do what you loved to do- Pick berries!


Farm Picker Employment Overview

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. 

Employees must be 14 yrs or older by the first day of work.

Work Begins when the crop ripens and lasts approx. 3-4 weeks. Which should be sometime in July.

Also, there are other factors that set our pace for each harvest day in order to determine how many pickers are needed in a day:
1. Weather determines the ripening of the berries and/or if we even pick.
2. The availability of ripened berries (light picking to heavy picking in peak of season).
3. The number of orders to fill in a day which may change by the hour.
4. Number of pickers needed to carry out orders for the day.

NOTE: Pickers are required to make prior arrangements to have a driver available to pick them up immediately upon finishing for the day.

We believe in fairness, demands respect for one another, and expect the very best end product to meet our customer demand. We can only give the very best service to our customers as our employees are determined to provide. We respectfully consider our employees our customers too! We aim to create a wholesome environment for them. 

Contact us to find our more about the hours we work, scheduling and our pay structure.

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