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Transportation and Climate Change Division Manager

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Sacramento, CA Full-time
Posted on July 1, 2019

This management level position plans, organizes, coordinates, directs, and manages the Transportation and Climate Change Division, which is organized into three primary work sections - mobile sources, climate change and land use & transportation. This position also coordinates program activities with other District programs, public agencies and business representatives and serves as a member of the District’s management team.

The Transportation and Climate Change Division works with public, private, and non-profit partners to reduce emissions in the Sacramento area through incentive programs and land use development review. To ensure equitable and efficient implementation of these programs, the Transportation and Climate Change reviews complex policies, mandates and funding sources; developing, implementing, and auditing programs within guidelines; public outreach activities in the community; program website development; conducting site visits to encourage community engagement in low-income and disadvantaged communities; provides direction and support for program development and future expansion.

The duties below are typically performed by this position:

  • Advise, confer with and report to the Executive Director/Air Pollution Control Officer and Board of Directors regarding program activities, goals and directives; formulate procedures and policies; assist in developing long-range strategies and administrative policies.
  • Select, assign, direct, and evaluate the work of subordinate supervisory and other staff; review progress reports and confer with staff to define and resolve problems; ensure appropriate interaction with other District programs. 
  • Develop and coordinate the annual division budget; authorize and monitor expenditures to ensure compliance with fiscal policies.
  • Represent the District in hearings and court proceedings, to the media, and before other public and private groups; participate in Board of Directors briefings and respond to Board requests; participate as a member of public and private committees, boards, and organizations concerned with air quality; respond to difficult inquiries and complaints.
  • Provide ideas and creative input to solutions and process improvement. 
  • Negotiates and consults on technical/administrative issues and policy with Federal, State, and public agencies, business associations, environmental groups and industry representatives; works with District Counsel on actual and potential litigation.