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Division Chief of EMS

Red, White
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Posted on January 28, 2020

Division Chief of EMS
Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District has a new position.

Job Responsibilities (when possible, list in order of importance within each category):
 Preparedness
a. Check and maintain all personal protective equipment.
b. Check and maintain District assigned vehicles, District equipment.
c. Maintain District facilities.
d. Prepare reports and records in a timely and accurate manner.
e. Participate in all-hazards training.
f. Assist with the coordination and implementation of all-hazards training.
g. Participate in research for information to better the District and personnel.
h. Maintain health and fitness to successfully perform the essential job functions and successfully pass any required annual physical and/or medical evaluations.
i. Coordinate, instruct, and document crew trainings for all-hazards incidents.
j. Engage in and/or manage accreditation processes.
k. Ensure resources are prepared for response to the community.
l. Ensure a state of operational readiness.
m. Provide input on the annual budget process.
n. Stay abreast of emerging threats, technologies, industry trends, and legislation in EMS as they pertain to community risk reduction and service delivery.

 Prevention
a. Participate in Community Risk Management activities.
b. Conduct and/or support incident investigations.
c. Conduct and/or support pre-incident planning.
d. Engage with and educate the community.
e. Serve as a liaison between Community Risk Management and Community Members/Contractors.

 Communication
a. Promote the District’s mission, vision, and values.
b. Participate in the exchange of information between all staff.
c. Communicate appropriately with the District’s partners and the general public.
d. Demonstrate effective communication techniques utilizing a variety of devices.
e. Serve as an ambassador and liaison for the District.
f. Communicate with other leadership staff and District Personnel for organizational success.
g. Produces and submits data-driven reports for compliance and service success.

 Leadership
a. Instill a culture of safety.
b. Achieve organizational and professional goals with the allocated resources.
c. Prioritize tasks to meet and achieve professional and organizational goals.
d. Mentor personnel utilizing tools such as coaching, counseling, discipline, and performance reviews.
e. Engage, inspire, involve, and empower others to accomplish various projects and programs.

 Response
a. Serves in the incident command system as appropriate.