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RN Nights, LPN Nights, Behavioral Health Associates

Fayetteville, AR Full-time
Posted on November 11, 2019

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Licensed Practical Nurse Nights

Sign on Bonus $2500 for Full Time


  • Monitor patient health and administer basic care utilizing the nursing process in assessing, planning and carrying out care plan objectives and goals.
  • Provide for the basic comfort of patient, implement nursing interventions identified in the plan of care that is individualized to their needs.
  • Apply appropriate interventions to progress the patient towards wellness and address maintenance of wellness.
  • Discuss the care provided with patient and listen to their concerns. Report status changes and concerns to registered nurses and doctors.
  • Keep records on patient health.
  • Communicate therapeutically and professionally with patient, visitors, coworkers and others involved in the patient's treatment in an effective manner. 
  • Accurately administer medications per ordered note, document medication administration and reflect accurate count of controlled substance medication administration on required documents.
  • Maintain standards of professional nursing practice in accordance with facility policy and procedures, other external governing and credentialing bodies, performance improvement standards and psychiatric nursing standards.
  • Provide for the safe delivery of medication in accordance with policies and procedures, physicians orders and/or current practice.
  • Responsible for thorough, accurate reporting and documentation of the patient symptoms, responses and progress.

Education: Bachelors or better in Nursing/Healthcare or related field.


Registered Nurse Nights

$5,000 Sign on Bonus for Full Time

  • Skill in using nursing procedures and equipment; in providing emergency care and humane resident restraining applications; in communicating effectively orally and in written; in therapeutic counseling techniques.
  • Ability to use good judgment in responding to resident emergencies and in solving problems, and to set a good example for all staff members.
  • Assesses resident’s physical needs.
  • Act as Licensed Independent Practitioner (L.I.P.) in Seclusion and Restraint incidents, and implements and complies with ESI policy and procedure.
  • Admits, discharges, and transfers residents based on physician orders.
  • Ensures that residents and families are oriented to the Center and the unit.
  • Collaborates with members of other disciplines in a professional manner.
  • Teaches residents and families appropriately.
  • Assists with procedures and physical exams.
  • Administers medications appropriately.
  • Observes resident behavior for changes, in order to intervene appropriately, guide nonprofessional nursing staff, communicate changes to appropriate staff, and record changes.
  • Supervises nonprofessional nursing staff in providing quality nursing care.
  • Reviews medical records, checks physician orders, and records these orders.
  • Participates in performance appraisal.
  • Attends unit staff meetings.
  • Participates in committee activities are required.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.


Bachelors or better in Nursing/Healthcare.

Experience  Preferred I year psychiatric nursing preferred
Licenses & Certifications Required Reg. Nurse



Behavioral Health Associates

  • Follows directives as given by Nursing staff or Milieu Coordinator. 

  • Provides supervision and care for residents in a manner that insures safety, protects patients’ rights and privacy, maintains confidentiality, and respects cultural and religious differences.

  • Assists nurses with non-technical nursing functions.

  • Assist with physical restraints, and seclusions under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. Must complete Restraint and Seclusion training approved by CPI and demonstrate competence in this area.

  • Use Stand and Scan technique to observe residents’ behavior and report changes to a registered nurse. The Behavioral Tech documents residents’ behavior changes in the medical record.

  • Follows the Master Treatment Plan in implementing appropriate interventions.

  • Set limits on resident’s behavior with the assistance of a nurse or Milieu Coordinator in accordance with the residents’ developmental level, the treatment plan, and/or behavior management program. Uses positive reinforcement to promote positive behavioral changes.

  • Remains with assigned residents, unless instructed otherwise by a physician, therapist, or nurse, to interact, assist, and/or transport residents. Coordinates, facilitates, and participates in milieu activities unless contraindicated.

  • Teach and assist residents in activities of daily living, encouraging independent behavior, when appropriate.

  • Participate in career development and in-service training, specific to child and adolescent care.

  • Participates in his/her performance appraisal at the end of the probationary period and annually thereafter. Performance evaluation can occur at any time throughout the year, if deemed necessary by a supervisor.

  • Interacts with the residents during meals, teaches proper dining etiquette and assures flatware count is correct. Observe behaviors and intakes, and reports to appropriate staff nurse.

  • Obtains approval by a nurse or supervisor before leaving assigned work area and assures coverage is provided for assigned residents prior to leaving.

  • Promotes a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner that promotes cooperation and teamwork with co-workers, supervisors, patients, families and visitors.

  • Adheres to the organization’s policies/procedures and code of ethics.

  • Maintains a safe work environment by following safety practices within the center and immediately reporting any safety concerns/issues to the supervisor.

  • Adheres to infection control policies and procedures.

  • Accurately completes client records in a timely and legible manner.

  • Provides detailed information about procedures or treatments to family and other caregivers.

  • Recognize and report suspected abuse and neglect according to policy, procedure and the law.

  • Ability to explain procedures and events in language understood by people served.

  • Responds to residents served based on developmental age.

  • Performs other duties as assigned as related to area of expertise and competency.

Education Required High School/GED or better.


Each job mentioned above has  excellent benefits packages including Holiday Pay for all Eligible employees. 

Clear background and drug screen required.

Must be 21 years of age or older.

Piney Ridge is a Drug Free work environment.


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