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Construction Laborers

Permanent Workers LLC
Morgan City, LA Temporary
Posted on February 9, 2020

Permanent Workers, LLC,

  located in Morgan City, LA, is hiring and has 95 Openings for Construction Laborers to work within St. Mary Parish County in the state of Louisiana region for full-time temporary work from 04/01/2020 to 12/31/2020. Job Duties: Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites. May operate hand and power tools of all types: air

 hammers, earth tampers,cement mixers, small mechanical hoists, surveying and measuring equipment, and a variety of other equipment and instruments. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, and clean up rubble, debris and other waste materials. May assist other craft workers. Job pays $16.23 per hour; up to 10 to 18 overtime hours available at overtime time rate of $24.35. No Per Diem. Job pays every 2 weeks. Employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due. Employer will make all

 necessary deductions from paychecks required by law. Full-Time position 40 Hours per week, Monday through Friday and sometimes weekends rotating day shifts usually between 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM with an hour for break/lunch in between. No education requirements, no experience required. Employer may provide daily transportation to and from work sites from a central location, but public transportation is available. Employer will assist in securing lodging and facilities. Employer does not provide Housing. The employer will provide workers at no charge all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the job. If the workers complete 50% of the work contract period, the employer will reimburse the worker for transportation and subsistence from the place of recruitment to the place of work. Upon completion of the work contract or where the worker is

  dismissed earlier, employer will provide or pay for the workers reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence back home or to the place the worker originally departed to work, except where the worker no return due to subsequent employment with another employer. The amount of transportation payment or reimbursement will be equal to the most economical and reasonable common carrier for the distances involved. Daily subsistence will be provided at a rate of $12.46 per day during travel to a maximum of $55 per day with receipts. Employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays in each 12-week period of the total employment period. Employer will reimburse foreign workers in the first workweek for all visa

  processing, border crossing, and related fees, including those mandated by the government

 incurred by the foreign worker. Apply at St. Mary Career

 Solutions Center, 900 Youngs Road, Morgan City, LA 70380 phone: (985) 354-6200 using Job Order # 944829 as reference or you may contact

  employer @ (985) 384-0225 for

  instructions on how to apply.

Permanent Workers, LLC, is an equal opportunity employer.