Autonomous Vehicle Software Engineer

Outrider Technologies Inc   Golden, CO   Full-time     Engineering
Posted on August 22, 2021

Autonomous Vehicle Software Engineer, Golden, CO. 

The Autonomous Vehicle Software Engineer is responsible for the development of autonomy software and tools around the software, for deployment of next generation autonomous yard trucks to realize safer and more efficient distribution centers of the future. The software engineer will be responsible for development of algorithms and tools to process data from various sensors such as radars, lidars, as part of a state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle system. The software engineer will apply the principles of how such sensors work, and mathematical methods needed for perception of the environment, which includes detection of obstacles and necessary parking and dock spots where the trucks will be picking and dropping trailers. The engineer will also be involved with testing and benchmarking the performance of these algorithms, and the development of software tools to allow efficient testing and collection of data from these tests.
The engineer will be responsible for working with development of simulation and visualization tools, along with development of tools and techniques for testing the performance of these algorithms on actual hardware systems. The engineer will be work with a multi-disciplinary team for debugging issues as they come up with vehicles that are deployed on customer sites, and test vehicles used for benchmarking for a particular release of the autonomy product. Thus, the engineer will apply a broad understanding of different aspects of developing an autonomous system, which includes components like the network infrastructure, the platform of the development including both the software and the hardware that is necessary for the functionality of the overall Outrider product. The engineer will work on the localization and mapping part of the autonomy software, which involves writing software to read sensor data, process and filter it to get information about different features in the environment, and create a map of the area where a single, or multiple, autonomous yard trucks will be deployed.
Required qualifications
    • Master’s degree in Robotics or a related field
    • Specialization in perception and localization techniques and software development with ROS (Robot Operation System)
    • Develop in Python and C++ packages throughout the Robotics stack
    • Specialization in development of localization software
    • Skills using probabilistic methods like Kalman Filter, EKF (Extended Kalman Filter) for getting accurate measurement using multiple sensors such as GPS
    • Experience with visual Inertial odometry methods to use cameras for state estimation and using pose graph optimization and loop closure for achieving higher accuracy in estimation of the pose of an autonomous vehicle
    • Experience with semantic SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) methods for accurate mapping of an unknown area such as a distribution yard
    • Experience using non-parametric methods and Expectation-Maximization based methods for data association for correctly associating object classification methods with previously mapped locations in an unknown area
    •  While this is an accurate reflection of the position, Outrider reserves the right to require additional/different tasks to be performed as needed