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Posted on May 8, 2022
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Neighborhood House of Calexico

Child Development Preschool Program Director Neighborhood House of Calexico 506 E. Fourth Street, Calexico, CA 92231 (760) 357-6875:




SUMMARY/OBJECTIVES The program director reports to the agency Executive Director and is under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director. The program director is responsible for program administration, curriculum development, staff development, and supervision. The Program Director is responsible for communication and liaison activities between the program, parents, and the general community.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Responsible for compiling and maintaining records in compliance with the State Department of Education. 2. Responsible for written reports to the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and parent Advisory Group. 3. Responsible for training, monitoring, supervision, and evaluation of personnel working for the preschool program, i.e., paid staff and volunteer staff. 4. Responsible for planning and submitting an annual budget and monitoring expenses to conform to budget allocations. 5. Responsible for the development of curriculum and implementation of curriculum that will achieve program curriculum goals. 6. Responsible for monitoring proper use of safekeeping of equipment and supplies. 7. Responsible for review, assessment, and delivery of support service to children and parents enrolled in the program. 8. Responsible for planning, implementation, and supervision of nutrition program, including submitting monthly claim forms in compliance with the State Department of Education childcare Food Program Division. 9. Act as a substitute for the site supervisors or a Teacher as needed. Assume all duties and responsibilities to these positions when required. 10. Plan, attend and participate in all pertinent staff meetings or other meetings or with Parent Advisory Group. 11. Responsible for submitting annual CDE reports and other required documents. 12. Responsible for working with the agency fiscal department for the submission of Fiscal Reports to the State Department of Education 13. Responsible for planning monthly menus in compliance with the childcare Food Program. 14. Responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and enrolling new applicants for preschool and daycare programs in compliance with the State Department of Education. 15. Responsible for research and providing continual program and personnel development for upgrading services to the children, parents, and employees. 16. Responsible for researching and using technology to increase the quality of services.

QUALIFICATIONS PROGRAM DIRECTOR o BA with 24 ECE/CD units including core courses (see above), plus o Six units of administration plus two units adult supervision, plus o Site Supervisor status and one program year of site supervisor experience; or o Option 2: Administrative Services Credential with 12 units of ECE, plus three units supervised field experience in ECE settings; or o Option 3: Teaching credential with 12 units of ECE, plus three units supervised field experience in ECE setting, plus six units administration; or o Option 4: Master’s Degree in ECE or Child/Human Development; or o Option 5: CCTC approved training. o Authorizes holder to supervise multiple–site programs, provide instruction, and serve as curriculum and staff development coordinator. o 5 Year Renewal: 105 hours of professional growth. o (the California Department of Education may amend qualification for the Program Director permit)

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: o Ability to evaluate, design, and implement curriculum, testing, and teaching methodologies. o Ability to use independent judgment and to manage and impart confidential information. o Demonstrate social, communication, and interpersonal skills. o Public relations, marketing, and communication skills. o Computer literate in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Publisher, Outlook, Social Media. o Records maintenance skills.

Physical Requirements: 0=Never 1= Rarely (1-10%) 2= Occasionally (11-42%) 3= Frequently (43-66%) 4=Continuously (67-100%) Strength Activity Description /Example 4 Standing 4 Walking 4 Sitting 4 Picking up cods 4 Bending Pick up toys, material, tie shoes 3 Lifting Children’s chairs (1-12 Lbs.) 3 Carrying Boxes, chairs, tables, materials 3 Pushing Children’s bicycles, trash cart (up to 25 Lbs.) 1 Throwing trash 3 Dancing, twisting 3 Bending To pick up material, tie child’s shoe 3 Kneeling 3 Reaching below waist 2 Disinfecting toys 2 Mopping/sweeping 2 Washing dishes, general cleaning The preceding activities and descriptions are provided as examples of the type of work performed by a person assigned to this position. Neighborhood House reserves the right to add, modify, change, or rescind work assignments as needed. Signatures The employee signature below constitutes the employee's understanding of the requirements, essential functions, and duties of the position.

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