Polyurethane Foam Chemist #PFC/sbm

na   Essex, CT   Full-time     Science
Posted on April 11, 2021

Polyurethane Foam Chemist – Essex, CT. Develop polyurethane spray foam insulation & other thermoset & thermoplastic products, including pure polyurea/polyurea hybrid coating formulations, thermoset plastics & coatings & polyether polyol synthesis as business conditions & personal interests dictate. Research, develop & produce novel 2 component system for end use applications in a variety of industries. Develop other thermoset plastics tech & interact with thermoplastic polymer initiatives. Work on a breadth of polyurethane chemistries & apply experience to assigned projects, overseeing projects from cradle to grave, to see the project through to customer implementation. Develop, improve, & customize products, formulas, processes, or analytical methods. Analyze compounds to determine chemical or physical properties, comp, structure, relationships, or reactions, using chromatography, spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry techniques; conduct QC tests. Write technical papers & reports. Maintain lab instruments to ensure proper working order & troubleshoot malfunctions as needed. Evaluate laboratory safety procedures to ensure compliance with standards or to make improvements as needed. Must have Master's Degree or foreign equivalent in Chemistry of Chemical Engineering and 2 years experience with polyurethane formulation in an R&D environment, develop & optimize new & existing formulas for spray polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate boards & structural insulated panels (SIP) technologies; product testing & performance analysis (physical and mechanical properties); evaluation of raw materials for standard product and potential new uses; tailor formulations tor customer specifications; analyze & interpret research data, write technical papers & reports; & maintain lab instruments and knowledge of useable polyol's, isocyanates, catalysts & appropriate additives; chemical compositions, structures, properties of substances and chemical processes theory & methods; & formulation of polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid systems from scratch.