7-12 English/ Spanish Teacher

Lyons, NE Full-time
Posted on January 26, 2020

Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools

7-12 English/Spanish Teacher beginning 2020-2021. Will consider English only or Spanish only. Extra duty may be assigned.

The Mission of the Lyons-Decatur Northeast School is to provide a balanced education for all students, so that they can acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a caring, competent and responsible citizenry.

The goals and objective of the Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools are to provide:

1. A curriculum broad enough, yet with sufficient depth, to allow education for all of the students;
2. Exploration of new and better means of education;
3. Effectiveness in all phases of the curriculum;
4. Ways and means to encourage professionalism among its staff members;
5. A total program, academic and extra-curricular activities, which will contribute to the life-long cultural, social, and leadership qualities of the student;
6. The means whereby the community can make use of its facilities;
7. A means to communicate with the public so as a better understanding of the schools and its needs exist;
8. A staff necessary to fulfill the above objectives; and,
9. Facilities necessary for the above objectives.