Planting, Training, Thinning Position #NY1307485

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Levittown, PA Full-time
Posted on July 31, 2019

57 Positions - Temporary, seasonal work planting, training, thinning and harvesting apples and peaches on a farm, from 9/3/2019 to 11/15/2019 at Nesbitt Fruit Farms, Waterport, NY in Orleans county. This job requires a minimum of 3 months of agricultural employment experience performing manual tasks, preferably on a fruit or vegetable farm. Saturday work required. Must be able to lift/carry 50 lbs. $13.25/hour or current applicable AEWR or applicable piece rate depending on crop activity. Raise/bonus at employer discretion. Workers are guaranteed 3/4 of work hours of total period. Work tools, supplies, equipment supplied by employer without charge to worker. Housing with kitchen facilities provided at no cost to only those workers who are not reasonably able to return same day to their place of residence at time of recruitment. Transportation and subsistence expenses to work site will be paid to nonresident workers not later than upon completion of 50% of the job contract. Interviews required.