Lineman Assistant/Operator

Kootenai Electric Cooperative   Hayden, ID   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
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Posted on November 19, 2020

Lineman Assistant/Operator

Kootenai Electric Cooperative is located in scenic North Idaho, the heart of abundant recreational opportunities. Settled in a beautiful lakefront mountain setting, it is a favorite destination for tourists. Just outside our back door are national forests, lakes, rivers, and trails offering plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, water sports, fishing, hunting, golfing, snow sports, and much more. The four distinct seasons offer recreational opportunities year-round. The Coeur d'Alene Hayden metropolitan area also offers a variety of entertainment and shopping venues and is a short 45-minute drive to Spokane, Washington and access to domestic and international air travel. The purpose of this position is to assist Journeymen in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical transmission and distribution lines and equipment. Operates boom truck, back hoes, excavators, or heavy equipment used in construction and maintenance of power lines. Drives heavy truck and trailer to transport equipment and material to locations in the field. Assures assigned vehicles and equipment are kept in good repair, clean, and properly stocked, and performs other related work as required.

 Core Competencies 

  1. Safety:  Adhere to all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, rules, and practices. Use of Personal Protective Equipment as required.  Take individual responsibility in managing safety risks and reporting unsafe conditions or unsafe work practices.  Respond positively to safety-oriented feedback. Contribute to a culture of safety. 
  2. Quality of Work:  Produce thorough, high quality work with minimal errors.  Seek feedback, make corrections as needed.  Identify problems and solve them.  Strive to improve processes.  Work collaboratively with team members to implement systemic changes.
  3. Productivity:  Complete assigned work in a timely fashion.  Utilize slow periods productively.  Produce amount and volume expected, at accepted speed.
  4. Technical Skills/Job Knowledge:  Demonstrate appropriate level of understanding of technical skills in area of expertise, technology, products, and/or processes involved.  Perform assigned duties.  Keep current on changes.  Competent with all technology and industry best practices necessary to perform job. Maintain necessary certification(s).
  5. Communication:  Oral and written communication clearly convey information.  Keep others informed of activities and problems in timely manner.  Listen well.  Respond appropriately and respectfully.
  6. Teamwork/Ability To Work With Others:  Demonstrate ability to work in positive manner with co-workers and/or customers with differing backgrounds, opinions, capabilities, etc.  Willingly share skills, competencies, and knowledge with others.  Establish and maintain strong, effective working relationships.  Contribute effectively to group efforts.  Promote harmony.  Agree to disagree without damaging relationships.
  7. Accountability:  Maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.  Arrive on-time and be prepared to work.  Accept responsibility for work and actions.  Be reliable. 
  8. Integrity:  Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards, and respect for all team members, co-workers, and KEC members.
  9. Professionalism:  Always address internal and external customers with courtesy and respect.  Dress in work attire appropriate to the position.  Communicate business information in timely fashion, using means of communication appropriate to the situation.
  10. Support of Cooperative Goals, Policies, and Procedures:  Support Cooperative goals.  Adhere to all Cooperative policies and procedures.  Understand that internal customer and external member focus is always top priority.  Contribute effectively in support of that priority.
  11. Problem-Solving:  Use sound logic and methodology to solve problems.  Explore multiple sources for answers, as required.  Able to identify hidden problems.  Propose solutions.

Job Responsibilities/ Essential Functions 

  1. Able to run overhead and underground stringing equipment, pullers, tensioners and pay out machines.  Operates one or more of the following pieces of equipment as directed:
  2. Boom Truck/Hole Digging Machine:  Drives and operates truck-mounted, power-operated, hole-digging machine to dig holes for line poles or anchors.
  3. Bulldozer:  Operates bulldozer to move, level and distribute earth or to plow snow.  Operates attached vibratory cable and gas pipe plow on steep and uneven terrain around energized line, fiber optics, water, etc. 
  4. Truck:  Operates specially-equipped truck to load, haul and unload poles or plow snow.
  5. Tractor-Trailer:  Drives heavy truck and trailer, including “low-boy” trailer, to transport heavy equipment and material.  Helps load, unload and secure truck loads and pole trailers.
  6. Cranes:  Operates hydro crane or truck-mounted crane, as certified.
  7. Back-Hoe:  Operates back-hoe around energized lines to dig, move, level and distribute earth or to move snow.  Terrain will vary from level to extremely steep. 
  8. Must be able to run ATVs and snow machines efficiently and safely. 
  9. Must be able to run a boat efficiently and safely. 
  10. May operate boom-equipped truck or tractor to move heavy equipment.
  11. May perform maintenance tasks on equipment to assure proper operating condition such as oiling, greasing and adjusting.  May change oil filters or tires.
  12. May use hand shovels, picks, bars and air tools to open or close ditches or other excavations.
  13. May operate jackhammer to drill holes for blasting and/or anchoring purposes.
  14. Lineman Assistant duties may include preparing splices, elbows, grounding of transformers, framing of poles, etc. on de-energized underground lines.
  15. May direct activities of personnel in equal or lower classification, including assisting in training apprentices.
  16. Communication, Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  17. Keeps others informed.  Reports and written communication are clear, timely and relevant.  Clear, correct verbal communication.  Good listener, tries to understand others.  Effective in communicating with varied groups or individuals.
  18. Enthusiastic team worker, helps others, promotes harmony among fellow workers, team members, supervisors and customers.  Responds well to suggestions and criticism.  Adapts easily to change, reacts well to additional or different assignments.  Actions consistent with objectives and goals of the team and the Cooperative.
    Non-essential functions:
  19. Performs other duties as required.

Job Requirements

1. Minimum Qualifications:
a. High school diploma or equivalent; valid Class A (minimum) Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
b. Valid first aid and CPR certification.
c. Knowledge and understanding of the Line Construction and Maintenance trade, Washington State Electrical Workers Safety Rules and Regulations, and OSHA requirements.
d. Know and understand the KEC Safety Work Practices Manual.
e. Must be qualified to safely and competently operate all transportation and power operated line equipment.
f. Must be able to write legibly and be able to maintain records, files and complete forms.
g. Other combinations of education/experience may be considered.

2. Mental Demands:
a. Ability to handle stress and to complete tasks in a limited time.
b. Must be able to observe and interpret situations.

3.Physical Demands:

Standing, walking, seeing, viewing: Up to 10 hours per day; talking & listening: Up to 7 hours per day; sitting: Up to 2 hours per day; keyboarding: Up to 1 hour per day.
Job may require lifting and/or carrying: Up to 10, 20, or 30 lbs. frequently; Up to 50 lbs. occasionally; Up to 100 lbs. occasionally, with assistance.
Job can require: bending, squatting, climbing, reaching above shoulder level frequently; crawling occasionally.
Activities can include: driving automotive equipment continuously; around noisy machinery, exposure to marked temperature changes, and exposure to dust/fumes/gases frequently.
Occasionally means 1%-33%, Frequently means 34%-66%, Continuously means 67% to 100%.

4. Working Conditions/Hazards

a. Exposed to high voltage and all types of weather. Operates equipment around traffic obstructions.
b. Extensive travel driving to member locations.
c. Must be available for unscheduled work.
d. On occasion, may be required to work extended hours (up to 24 hours) without sleep in severe weather conditions and mountainous terrain.
e. Travel may be required.

Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their disability or protected veteran status.