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Posted on June 3, 2021


1. Provide quality and timely pathology tests to facilitate patient evaluation by Physicians.
2. Maintain quality control and preventive maintenance records.

EXPERIENCE & SKILLS: Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Must have successfully completed and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology.

Should have at least one year of generalist experience.
Required Licensure/Registration/Certification: Must have current licensure with the American Society of Clinical Pathology and/or current certification with National * Certification Agency.

1. Must be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
2. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.
3. Must be able to function independently, be flexible-time wise, and have the ability to work effectively as a team member when the opportunity arises.

1. Follow established procedures and evaluates and solves problems related to collection and processing biological specimens for analysis.
2. Performs complex analytical tests or procedures, recognizes deviation from expected results, and takes appropriate action to maintain accuracy and precision.
3. Recognizes factors that affect measurements and results, analyzes QC data, makes judgments concerning the results, and takes appropriate action to maintain accuracy and precision.
4. Recognizes abnormal test results and answers inquiries about them, the methodology, specificity, and sensitivity; answers questions about specific factors that can influence test results.
5. Operates and maintains equipment, recognizes equipment malfunction, troubleshoots, repairs as necessary and notifies manager as needed.
6. Assures proper calibration and function of Laboratory equipment.
7. Maintains logs of all preventative maintenance and remedial action for each piece of equipment
8. Establish ranges for un-assayed controls and perform control lot cross-over analysis as needed.
9. Operate instruments within the scope of training, performing routine, weekly, monthly and unscheduled preventive maintenance; trouble-shooting of equipment according to operator manuals.
10. Recognize abnormal results and convey to the appropriate personnel according to the critical limit notification policy.
11. Communicate information such as test results, normal ranges, and specimen requirements to appropriate staff.
12. Perform routine quality control and maintain accurate records.
13. Demonstrate laboratory technical skills to new employees.
14. Practice efficient and economical use of supplies and assist in keeping an adequate inventory. Economical is determined by reuse of supplies when possible; use of only necessary supplies; use of supplies in the proper manner; using appropriate care when handling breakable supplies.
15. Perform duties in an efficient manner. Efficiency is determined by batching of tests whenever possible; adequate troubleshooting to minimize repeat testing.
16. Notify the Laboratory Manager or Supervisor when opening the last package of a particular supply or noticing that inventory is low.
17. Participate in the department's safety and preventive maintenance programs.
18. Perform duties in accordance with applicable safety standards and in a manner which does not endanger the health or safety of self, other staff, patients, residents, and visitors.
19. Present a professional image to other employees, physicians, patients, and community, representing the Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center in a positive way.
20. Attend Laboratory meetings and pertinent in-services to allow for effective communication and training.
21. Follow established policies and procedures within the Laboratory.
22. Maintain awareness of Federal and State regulations as they pertain to the Laboratory.
23. Perform any other job-related duties as requested by management.
24. Works call shifts for the Lab on a regular basis according to the schedule made by the manager.

1. Standards of 95-100% accuracy is expected to be maintained for all laboratory testing and reporting.
2. Must be able to correlate patients condition or disease state to the outcome of test results, and be aware of how certain foods or drugs affect laboratory tests.
3. Must be able to work with frequent interruptions, maintaining a high degree of concentration.

1. Prolonged standing and walking short distances.
2. Limited stooping, bending at the waist and lifting up to 30 pounds.
3. Must possess good hand-eye coordination.
4. Must have the ability to distinguish colors.
1. Must be able to show patience and tact with clientele and co-workers.
2. Must be able to work under pressure with a high degree of accuracy.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Works in laboratory setting, where high standards of safety are maintained due to potential exposure to biological hazards and chemicals.

1. Various forms of Laboratory Analyzers
2. Microscope
3. Centrifuge
4. Computer printers

1. Participate in Fire Safety Plan of Action.
2. Participate in Disaster Plan of Action.
3. Participate in Universal Precautions for AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.
4. Follow facility established protocol for Isolation and Blood-borne Pathogens.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Frequent contact with patients and residents and medical information in the normal performance of duties. Confidentiality is essential. Disclosure may affect internal and external relationships.

Flex position. On-call hours are Friday at 5PM to Sunday at 5PM (more hours available if requested). We offer a competitive salary & benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, PTO/ETO, and pension as eligible per company policy.

Kittson Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, alienage or national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, disability or handicap, sex, marital status, familial status, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, public assistance, local human rights commission activity, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.

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