James City County

Williamsburg , VA

Waterworks Operator

James City County
Williamsburg, VA Full-time
Posted on March 10, 2019

James City County Service Authority Waterworks Operator. Salary based on qualifications. Full time County Benefits. 

Nature of Work
Performs experienced work operating, maintaining and repairing the James City Service Authority’s (JCSA’s) Water Production Section’s facilities, equipment and related appurtenances. There are 5 Levels of Waterworks Operator (Apprentice I, II, III, and IV) distinguished by the level of the work performed and the qualifications of the employee and the requirements of the position being filled. The work location and the Water System/Facility classification being operated will dictate the minimum level of Waterworks Operator required.

Essential Job Functions (other essential job functions may be designated by department)
• Operates, maintains, and repairs mechanical and electrical systems at Water Production Section’s facilities, equipment and appurtenances including maintenance, diagnosing issues, operating, adjusting, and mechanical problems and repairs.
• Operates, monitors and records data in the operation of the distribution system including pressures, tanks levels, flow rates and water quality through a computer based system and makes necessary adjustments at facilities to meet water supply quality and quantity requirements.
• Monitors, operates and tests facility operation including recording flows, pressures, levels, run times, calculates production quantities, records water quality parameters and assess process performance. Operates and maintains chemical feed systems and performs analytical tests and calculations to determine appropriate treatment and feed rates.
• Records and maintains operational and laboratory data including the performance of a variety of chemical testing including but not limited to pH, chlorine residual, alkalinity, conductivity and orthophosphate, and determines needed adjustments based on results; collects water samples as required by regulatory agencies including assorted chlorine residual, chemical and bacteriological samples as needed; follows up and coordinates with lab on test results.
• Calibrates water analytical instruments through the use of known standards.
• Calculates disinfection doses for water system, and tanks; operates and maintains disinfection equipment.
• Serves as competent person directing maintenance operations during confined space entry activities as the entry supervisor; oversees employees associated Lockout/Tagout Procedures.
• Ensures efficient operation of the Water Production Section’s facilities; maintains established water quality standards by monitoring well operations; adjusting pumping rates to maintain proper mix ratios between aquifers; collecting water samples; performing tests for conditions such as turbidity, conductivity, salinity, chlorine titrations and PH; performing administrative work maintaining facility or vehicle specific inventory; ordering items as necessary; initiating work orders, etc.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Preparation Needed
• Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma; and some experience in the inspection, maintenance and repair of water production facilities preferred.
• Must possess, or be able to obtain within the time frame dictated, the appropriate level of Waterworks Operators License.
• Must possess a valid Virginia driver’s license and have an acceptable driving record based on James City County’s criteria.
• Must have the ability and tolerance to function in an environment that requires the use of respiratory protection devices.
• Knowledge of water chemistry, sampling and both chemical and biological analytical methods in determining water quality and treatment requirements; mechanical maintenance, plumbing and basic electrical work related to pumps, instrumentation, valves, piping, meters and other water related equipment and processes; EPA, Federal and State laws and regulations that apply to the operation of a Waterworks; analytical techniques and methods including water treatment and processes.
• Skill in use of computer software, especially Microsoft Office Suite.
• Ability to perform mathematical calculations in calculating chemical dosages, converting units of weights and measures and performing laboratory tests, checking of meters, instrumentation and calibration of testing, and pumping equipment verifications.