Hot Sulphur Springs Resort

Hot Sulphur Springs , CO

Front Desk, Housekeeper, Massage Therapist

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO Full-time
Posted on December 3, 2019

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is looking for new Part Time/Full Time team members for multiple positions & shifts:

  • Front Desk
  • Housekeeper
  • Massage Therapist

The first inhabitants of the springs were the Ute Indians, who believed in the healing qualities of the waters. They referred to them as “big medicine” and “magic waters”. The Ute Indians would bath themselves, their horses and dogs, children and women in the water; particularly in that order! They often set their winter hunting camps beneath the natural shelter, which is created by the bluffs enclosing the Byers Canyon that adjoins the property.

In 1840, William Byers became the first white man to discover these hot springs. Recognizing the economic potential of the baths and the surrounding area, he decided to acquire the land.  With the aid of the U.S. Calvalry and the courts, he somewhat deviously took control of the hot springs and eventually named the little town, Hot Sulphur Springs.

The resort has continued to operate for 140 years.

In 1997, after an extensive renovation, the Ute tribal spiritual leader blessed the waters at our grand opening ceremony. Almost 1,000 people had attended this ceremony. To this day, the Ute Indians have once again been welcome to use the hot springs.

First pool house, circa 1900

We are blessed by enjoying renewed recognition and attendance and are considered one of the best natural hot mineral springs resorts and spas in the country.