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Posted on November 5, 2021


Review Statements of Faith, Core Values, Statement of Purpose and Qualifications for Employment.  Are you in agreement with them? 

(Part Time)


The Cook’s purpose is to assist the Food Services Supervisor in food preparation, inventory of food donations, manage kitchen helpers and volunteers, and maintain proper hygiene of kitchen, dining room and food storage areas according to state regulations.  The kitchen needs to demonstrate God’s love in practical, tangible ways to the men staying here and to guests who come for meals.  The cook is the point person to facilitate well-balanced, nutritious meals that are well presented and good tasting.    


  • Work in a spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance with all other staff members
  • Prepare well balanced, nutritional meals to be enjoyed by people of all ages for all Mission meals
  • Plan menus and order food and supplies
  • Value all donated product according to guidelines and report that to the Director of HR & Community Outreach Operations
  • Supervise and direct kitchen work therapy participants
  • Ensure that the Food Service department abides by all health and food regulations
  • Properly inventory, store and rotate food stocks and related food service items
  • Ensure security of dining room guests, all food service areas, food stock and equipment
  • Notify the Food Services Supervisor of needed supplies
  • Immediately report any equipment or facility problems to Food Services Supervisor
  • Ensure that all people are treated with courtesy and respect
  • On an as needed basis, drive ministry vehicle to pick up donated food items
  • Participate in the spiritual growth and Christian instruction of those whom Hope Ministries serves. This can include (but is not restricted to) personal mentoring, the sharing of Scripture and Biblical encouragement, and praying with program participants.  This may be in a structured setting (i.e., a classroom or chapel), or unstructured, with individual clients as the need arises.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by Food Service Supervisor and Director of HR & Community Outreach Operations


  • Needs to have knowledge of institutional cooking for groups of 100 or more and the ability to do the necessary functions.
  • Spiritual Qualifications:  Must have a lifestyle that demonstrates moral and ethical adherence to the teachings of the Bible and an expressed desire to minister to those who are poor, needy and homeless.
  • Work Schedule: This is a part-time position working 26 hours/week Wed-Fri from Noon-6PM and Saturday from 9:30-6PM.  The direct supervisor of this position is the Food Services Supervisor.

It will be necessary to work holidays, such as:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter

Review Statements of Faith, Core Values, Statement of Purpose and Qualifications for Employment.  Are you in agreement with them? 

To apply, you must send both resume and cover letter by mail or email to:

Hope Ministries

ATTN:  Cole Lindholm (Director of HR)

5075 E. University Ave.  Suite B, Pleasant Hill, IA  50327