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Reston , VA

Research / Solutions Assistant

Heart + Mind Strategies
Reston, VA Full-time
Posted on March 25, 2019

Heart+Mind Strategies is seeking individuals to who are excited to begin a career in market research, strategy and consulting!  

Through their support of all phases of qualitative and quantitative research projects, our solutions assistants are vital members of each client team.  As an assistant, you will learn how to accurately and efficiently execute all components of research projects, including, but not limited to: ensuring quality throughout the project lifecycle; creation of compelling and graphically pleasing deliverables; secondary research and project coordination and management.  

Characteristics of wildly successful employees at Heart+Mind:  

  • Performance-driven, self-sacrificing hard workers who are tenacious regarding error-free, thoughtful and timely completion of work; 
  • Unconventional, critical, creative, fresh thinkers who collaborate with others;
  • Inherent troubleshooters and problem solvers; 
  • Proactively undertake new opportunities quickly, enthusiastically and without trepidation;
  • Compulsive dedication to quality and process improvement;
  • Inquisitive and curious, willing to ask questions and wanting to understand the “why” behind processes, decisions, etc. 
  • Ability to multi-task and implement key time-management skills in high-demand settings and exceed expectations by prioritizing tasks and completing assignments ahead of schedule.

Heart+Mind will be on-boarding a class of solutions assistants.  The class will be comprised of both subject matter generalists and specialists.  

The specialists we seek are in two key areas: 

1) interest and understanding of United States lawmaking institutions, legislative process and practices and be aligned to work with conservative clients on social, government and public policy issues;

2) heightened interest in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

The following background/experience is necessary upon hire:

  • Academic background in the liberal arts or social sciences (e.g., statistics, sociology, demography) marketing, or communications
  • Strong analytical orientation with a demonstrated ability to analyze, interpret, and summarize data
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills a must
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite of products (including PowerPoint, Excel and Word)
  • Internship or some professional work experience preferred

Heart+Mind Strategies is a research-led consulting firm that uncovers how people think, feel and make decisions, and uses that to help clients apply these insights to achieve their specific goals. Our scientific approach to understanding how individual and societal values influence decision-making is why many leading global brands and organizations work with us.