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H2A Complete II, Inc
Southaven, MS Full-time
Posted on May 12, 2019


M & M Berry Farm, LLC - 50 Temporary workers needed in Hendersonville. From June 15, 2019 to September 21, 2019. Worker must be 18 years or older. Must have one (1) month experience in picking, pruning, packing, planting, and harvesting blackberries, raspberries, squash, corn, beans and okra. Blackberries and Raspberries: Following supervisors' instructions workers will manually plant, cultivate, harvest, and prune blackberry and raspberry bushes using pruning shears and loppers. Pickers will take care and not bruise or squish berries. Workers will stand, bend to pick blackberries and raspberries according to size, color and place good fruit in clamshells and cull fruit in buckets. May be required to pull and discard culls directed by supervisor. Each worker must pick the plants clean of all ripe fruit. Vegetables: Workers may also plant, cultivate, and harvest squash, corn, beans and okra. They will bend and stoop to pick vegetables according to size, shape and place in bucket or field containers. Work will also include putting plastic up on tunnels and taking down on tunnels. Hand pruning and hand weeding. Workers will be in walking distance of one field and transported to/from other field; also taken to grocery store once a week. Although not a hiring requirement, workers who operate vehicles owned by the employer must be properly licensed.

Hemp: Worker will use a scythe or shears to cut down the hemp plant. The plant will then be placed in bundles, taken to the trailer or flatbed to be hauled away for drying. Worker must have physical strength and endurance to repeat doing the job with speed and skill. Workers with be given specific instructions as to how to properly perform the work specified in the job description and requirement section, beginning the first day of work. All tools, supplies and equipment will be provided at no cost to the workers.

General Specifications and Physical Requirements of the Job:

Workers are required to work in fields when plants are wet with dew and rain. Temperatures in field and under tunnels during working hours can range from 35 degrees to over 100 degrees. The worker must be able to work outside for 6 hours a day in all kinds of weather. Workers will perform prolonged walking, bending, stooping, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying 5 - 60 lbs. Workers should come prepared wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. Cell phone will only be used for emergencies and on breaks. Due to possible Date of Need changes, it is recommended that travel insurance be purchased. We will reimburse the worker for transportation cost (including travel insurance) and subsistence to the employers work site from the place of recruitment upon completion of 50 percent of the contract period. Transportation payment will be no less (and is not required to be more) than the most economical and reasonable common carrier transportation charges for the distances involved. If the employee is unable or unfit to perform the duties listed, the employee will received warnings, hours may be reduced to the minimum allowed in the certified petition or terminated. A copy of the ETA 790 in lieu of a work contract, and any modifications, will be provided to the worker on the day the work commences. There will be absolutely no alcohol, consuming of alcohol or illegal drugs permitted/tolerated on premises. Workers will be paid $12.25 per hour or applicable piece rates depending on crop activity, three quarter guaranteed and 35 hours per week. Workers may be offered more than the standard hours, but not required, of work in a single workday. Workers may volunteer to work additional hours when work is available. Hours of work may increase/decrease depending on crop yield and or weather and can occur at any time throughout the season. Housing, equipment, and transportation provided at no cost to workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of each workday. Workers must have a valid identification for I-9 preparation when they report to begin work. Complete job description can be found at your local SWA/Job Center.