Google LLC

Boulder , CO

Business Development Analyst #1615.38210, Software Engineer #1615.32517

Google LLC
Boulder, CO Full-time
Posted on August 4, 2019

Business Development Analyst (Boulder, CO) Job Id#1615.38210

Define business intelligence technologies for Google.

Experience Included

  • SQL, Python, Javascript
  • R; Powerpoint
  • Relational Database knowledge; & Data Visualization tools

Software Engineer (Boulder, CO) Job Id #1615.32517

Design, develop, modify, &/or test software needed for various Google projects.

Experience Included:

  • Large scale distribute system
  • Distribute file system and distribute database system
  • Design and implement robust production servers
  • Performance monitoring system development
  • Python, Java, multi-threaded programming and SQL
  • Big data system and data analysis.