Solar Project Engineer

Golden, CO Full-time
Posted on October 20, 2019

Solar Project Engineer

Golden Solar Electric LLC (Golden, CO)

Responsible for planning, installing and coordinating the installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar thermal systems (transforming the light coming from the sun into electricity) to ensure code and utility compliance. Perform entry-level battery and micro-grid design and engineering duties. Assess potential solar installation and electricity storage sites to determine feasibility and design/ engineering requirements. Assess system performance or functionality at the system, subsystem, and component levels. Coordinate and schedule building inspections for solar installation and micro-grid projects and meeting inspectors. Perform start-up and troubleshooting of systems for testing or customer implementation. Provide guidance to installers, technicians or other professionals in area such as solar thermal systems and utility compliant photovoltaic systems, electrical storage and discharge systems, micro-grids, monitoring hardware, software and mechanical systems(including DC disconnect , electrical enclosures, DC combiner, PV system disconnects, inverter disconnects, utility required disconnects, critical load panels, generator connections and disconnections, array wiring transition boxes and inverters.) Visit customer sites to determine solar system needs, requirements, or specifications, meet with customers and potential customers to explain, sell and plan installations. Develop and maintain system architecture, including all wiring, instrumentation, electrical line drawings, and process flow diagrams. Develop designs for micro-grid systems using photovoltaics, wind generators, mechanical generators, electric car chargers, and batteries. Communicate with the company supervisor(s) and site employees.

Requires: Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field and knowledge of

1) Solar or wind energy generation;

2) Heat Transfer;

3) Solar Thermal Power Plants;

4) Renewable Energy Policy and 6 months of experience working on Engineering projects in Solar PV Tracker Arrays and Electric and Telecommunication transmission towers.