Gesoo Inc.

El Monte , CA

Marketing Analyst

Gesoo Inc.
El Monte, CA Full-time
Posted on March 17, 2019
Management Analyst: conduct organizational analyses and management planning to improve operational efficacy and to establish management systems for expanded lines of activities for an e-commerce company - retrieve and evaluate data and statistics; determine the need for business units and components; establish management models and systems for each organizational hierarchy; develop operational standards and guidelines; determine the need of manpower (levels, positions, duties and responsibilities); implement policy and procedure for performance evaluation; recommend employee incentive and benefit programs; implement customer satisfaction protocols; conduct cost analysis and recommend budget distributions. Req.: bachelor of science degree in business administration from an accredited university in the US, with course work taken in e-commerce, organizational behaviors, economics, management systems, business law and ethics, business finance; proficient in ProPresenter,, Trello, Google Drive (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). $60,000/year. Job & Interview: El Monte, CA. Contact: Guangqi Chen, President, Gesoo Inc., 9040 Telstar Ave., Ste.126, El Monte, CA 91731 or email