George S. Orr & Sons Inc

Martinsburg , WV

Peach & Apple Pickers #WV1014163

George S. Orr & Sons Inc
Martinsburg, WV Full-time
Posted on March 24, 2019

Peach and Apple Pickers

George S. Orr & Sons, Inc. outside of Martinsburg, WV hiring 28 peach /apple pickers for 2018 harvest season. Temporary work- May 15, 2018-November 1, 2018. Mandatory 6 days/week. Guaranteed $11.63 per hour and/or $0.75 per 1 1/8 bushel of apples and $0.15 per 1 1/8 Bushel of peach, nectarine, or plums with guarantee of 3/4 work hours of 45-hour week per CFR 655.122(i). All equipment provided no cost. Housing provided no cost to all employees who cannot return to residence daily. Transportation and subsistence to work-site paid at 50% completion of contract.