Eden Foods

Clinton , MI


Eden Foods
Clinton, MI Full-time
Posted on March 31, 2019

Clinton, MI (Lenawee County) Buyer seeks a professional to manage grower and supplier relationships. Position is based in Clinton. Travel involved. Must have some knowledge of agriculture, organic, and food safety. Good work, good people, a career opportunity.

Major Focus
A) Grower and supplier relationship management; visits growers, food handlers, storage, food processing, related facilities and their personnel.
B) Manage and oversee documentation related to Eden Foods’ suppliers, knowledge of them, and associated compliance issues.
C) Nurture Eden qualified supplier relationships and collaborate with a network of independent, qualified Eden growers.
D) Gather, record, and report appropriate information about participating farmers, farms, handlers, cleaners, and processors.
E) Gather and record data regarding food, its handling, and pertinent background information for Eden Foods.
F) Work to develop and improve Eden relationships, certifications, quality control, and regulatory records. Keep up-to-date records as are required.
G) Negotiate and contract for future supplies, and purchase food and other items for the company.

Duties and Responsibilities
A) Oversee and manage inventory based on lead-times, projections, rhythms, and historic use.
B) Work with supplier/growers to develop a healthy business relationship and communications; work toward mutual benefits, best prices, and good terms consistently; confirm compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, required specs, and various standards.
C) Visit growers, suppliers, cleaners, and food processors to assure necessary quality and compliance with regulations.
D) Assure handling, logistics, and processing are up to Eden standards.
E) Expand company resources for its food needs, aiming for best quality and value.
F) Help keep, and ensure that, required documents are current and up-to-date related suppliers, growers, handlers, and cleaners.
G) Work dynamically with Quality Assurance and other Eden Departments as is prudent and necessary.
H) Verify growing practices and production areas, ensuring crops are produced using methods that Eden Foods approves of, including all post-harvest considerations.
I) Manage foods from farm to ultimate destinations.

Job Requirements
A) Natural food knowledge, interests, and adequate professional business experience.
B) An appreciation for, and understanding of, the grower’s and handlers perspectives.
C) Team player who delivers what, and of the quality, they would expect from other team members.
D) Self-reflective common sense, overt common courtesy, and personable demeanor.
E) Reliably engaged to perform at a consistently high standard.
F) Provide excellent and timely written and verbal communication.
G) Computer proficiencies with a willingness to learn and improve Eden systems.
H) Knowledge of technical, agricultural, regulatory, industry, and Eden Foods’ requirements and criteria.
I) Consistently sound moral and ethical professional standards.