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East Valley School District
Spokane Valley, WA Full-time
Posted on March 30, 2019


East Valley School District is hiring a Principal for Trent Elementary beginning in July 2019.

Essential Job Functions:

This list of essential job functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary. Depending upon individual assignment, the employee may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:

  1. Provide exceptional instructional leadership to a community of dedicated and collaborative educators who are committed to ensuring that all children achieve academic and social success.
  2. Provide leadership, supervision, and evaluation of the instructional program for the school.
  3. Follow board policies and administrative regulations.
  4. Lead staff, students, and the community in development and implementation of building-level goals, in the context of the community and district priorities and needs, focused on the high achievement of a diverse student body.
  5. Set building-level priorities in the context of community and district priorities and the needs of diverse students/staff.
  6. Establish a school climate which promotes equal opportunities for students, good conduct, and positive attitudes.
  7. Supervise and evaluate the performance of all assigned building personnel and engage staff in the development of professional growth and collaborative activities designed to support individual school/district goals and programs in order to improve student learning.
  8. Accept responsibility for the attendance, conduct, health and safety of students.
  9. Participate in the screening, selection, orientation, training, assignment, and retention of school staff.
  10. Assist in the implementation of the district and school curricular program in support of a physically and emotionally safe and academically rigorous learning environment for a diverse student body.
  11. Assist in the planning and development of the school’s budget. With input from staff, allocate and adjust fiscal and material resources, ensure timely completion of reports and record maintenance for all school programs.
  12. Provide for effective staff communication - collaborate and resolve conflicts with others.
  13. Work cooperatively with District and other building administrators - advise appropriate district supervisors of progress, problems, and other information regarding the school’s program.
  14. Possess a passion for teaching and learning, depth of knowledge of elementary-level curriculum, and a thorough understanding of instructional, intervention, and assessment practices that support the success of all students.
  15. Demonstrate experience designing and implementing a school improvement plan using a collaborative process; one that establishes achievable, data-driven goals which are responsive to State and Federal guidelines while placing student interests at the center of decisions.
  16. Demonstrate knowledge of the Washington’s state standards and performance expectations, including Common Core State Standards and the Teacher Principal Evaluation Program, and the use of assessment to inform and guide instruction.
  17. Create a schedule that aligns with the building and district goals, student needs, and budget constraints.
  18. Maintain high visibility at school events as well as throughout the school day with the ability to relate to students, staff, and community members in a mutually respectful, supportive and collaborative manner.  
  19. Lead and support a school culture where students, parents, certificated staff, classified staff, value all people: people of diverse backgrounds, people of diverse economic situations, and people of diverse cultural groups; value each member’s contribution to the school community.
  20. Be a contributing and effective member of the school and district leadership teams through leadership or participation in district-wide curriculum committee work, building level teams, community meetings, and parent groups to achieve specific objectives as directed by the supervisor.
  21. Collaborate with a commitment to continuous professional learning by reading, learning, and studying about the conditions resulting in high academic achievement for all students.  Apply new knowledge throughout all practices.
  22. Assist the district in managing and supervising building activities and programs.
  23. Take necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  24. Maintain a consistent presence at the assigned work site(s).
  25. Professionally interact with colleagues, members of the public, and students.
  26. Comply with and uphold all district policies and all applicable laws.
  27. Fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.

East Valley is an EOE