Dry Coolers

Oxford , MI

Mechanical Engineer

Dry Coolers
Oxford, MI Full-time
Posted on September 29, 2019

Mechanical Engineer, Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Job Duties: Develop a project specification with colleagues, often including those from other engineering disciplines; ensure a product can be made reliably and will perform consistently in specified operating environments; plan and design new production process; determine project responsibilities by creating timeline for design, material acquisition, fabrication and testing; work with purchasing expeditors and/or vendors directly to coordinate ship dates to meet production goals; conform product meets customer's specifications, by reviewing design and overseeing product performance testing; control project costs by reviewing purchasing costs and ensure materials are on hand for fabrication to meet their production schedule; maintain product database so that data is collected on current projects to save cost and time on future projects; maintain project schedule by studying project plan and specifications, calculating time requirements and sequencing all operations related to project; and communicate status updates and customers' specification requirements to customer and the rest of the fabrication/design team.