The Personal Care Program Manager at Country Meadows will assist the Executive Director to create and maintain a residential environment that is welcoming, home-like, safe, and supportive. They promote a team approach to resident services leading the team members to contribute their talents in the most effective way. A successful Personal Care Program Manager demonstrates high customer satisfaction and encourage positive co-worker morale and productivity.

Routine Functions of the Position:

  • Responsibilities to Residents
    • Collaborates with marketing professionals and operational team to review prospective resident needs and to assure the ability of the team to satisfy them.
    • Responsible for maintaining a welcome environment as well as provide one on one assessment and consultation with new move ins
    • Establishes working relationships with residents and their families as well as with surrounding community to promote positive relations.
    • Identifies opportunities for service improvement through routine personal contact with the residents and facility staff, and communicates information to executive director and DOW. Continuously assesses ability for residents to continue in IL level.
    • Responds promptly to resident and family complaints or concerns and attempts to resolve issues to mutual satisfaction or bring it to the attention of executive director.
    • Promotes the programs sponsored by Country Meadows designed to enhance resident’s well being and independence including performing and conducting resident Community Life programs each week, maintaining at least three (3) evening programs per week.
  • Responsibilities to Co-workers
    • Supports and participates in hiring procedure as needed.
    • Supports and participates in meaningful co-worker orientation. Ensures that responsible team members adequately prepare new co-workers to assume their work duties.
    • Leads and supervises the management team by example, encouraging teamwork, promoting the Foundation Principles and Country
    • Meadow’s philosophy of customer service.
    • Motivates the staff to perform consistent, quality work and maintains high co-worker satisfaction through regular communication, individual coaching, celebration of achievement.
    • Provides “open door” to co-workers addressing any concerns.
    • Oversees and participates in the continuing education and development of co-workers.
    • Ensures appropriate response and follow up to on-the-job injuries as reported by co-workers.

General Facility Management:

  • Understands Home Care regulations, monitors and assists with compliance as directed.
  • Assists the executive director to communicate and uphold the policies of Country Meadows.
  • Assists the executive director to manage resources to meet team targets which include budget management, resident census, co-worker retention, resident satisfaction and resident wellness.
  • Assists the executive director to maintain up-to-date and complete resident files. Completes and submits all reports as directed.
  • Assists the executive director to oversee the maintenance of facility and grounds to provide attractive and comfortable surroundings and to ensure safety and security of residents, staff and visitors.
  • Collaborates with resource staff and encourages same of team members to be sure that resident services are as effective as possible.
  • Assists in the marketing of the facility for both residents and co-workers by:
    • Conducting facility tours and initiating relationships in the absence of marketing director or employment representative.
    • Developing relationships with local referral sources and community groups.
  • Encourages communication among supervisory team members both informally and formally through regular meetings, attendance at quarterly meetings and others as needed.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Prior experience in assisted living, long term care, skilled nursing facility or similar environment.
  • Supervisor/Management experience preferred.
  • College degree preferred and / OR two (2) years of equivalent work experience in field.
  • General:
    • Meets all requirements for health, criminal background check, drug testing.
    • Ability to perform the physical tasks required in this type of role.