City of Venice (IL)


Telecommunications Officers

City of Venice (IL)
VENICE, IL Full-time
Posted on March 21, 2019

The city of Venice, Illinois is accepting applications for full-time Telecommunications Officers (TCO) for its Police Department, at an hourly rate of $10.40. Applications may be picked up at the Police Department in the rear of City Hall, 329 Broadway, Venice, Illinois beginning March 22, 2019. Only applications that are fully completed, signed, notarized and returned in sealed envelopes to the Venice Police Department on or before 6:00pm on Friday April 5, 2019 will be reviewed and considered for TCO positions.

Applicants must be 21 years of age, have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, computer and typing skills, phone etiquette, the ability to write logs and reports and handle stressful situations.

Applicants, as a condition of employment, must be at the time of or within three months of their date of hire and, throughout their employment, reside no more than 20 miles from the city of Venice.

Applicants, prior to being hired and or retained, may take and pass tests related to the TCO position. Applicants are also subject to drug pre-screening and will serve a minimum one year probationary period, during which time they may be dismissed for any reason.

Applicants, upon being hired full time, will receive healthcare insurance and retirement benefits. Paid time off is pursuant to the Union Contract with the Police Department.
Dated this 20th day of March, 2019.
Norman T. Adams,
Chief of Police
City of Venice, Illinois