Police Officer

city of eastpointe   Eastpointe, MI   Full-time     Law Enforcement / Security
Posted on April 8, 2021

Executive Assistant

Police Officer

City of Eastpointe Starting Salary: $50,523.66 Plus Comprehensive Fringe Benefits Package. We appreciate your interest in our City and assure you that we are sincerely interested in reviewing your qualifications.

Position Summary

Under the supervision of a superior officer, performs responsible law enforcement and patrol work.  Works to maintain order, regulate traffic, protect life and property and prevent crime and disorder. Provides assistance at the scene of accidents, fires and other emergency situations.  Performs related work as required.

Essential Job Functions

Patrols on foot, in a radio-equipped vehicle or by other approved means to prevent crime and disorder, protect life and property, direct traffic, investigate accidents and enforce motor vehicle operation and parking regulations.  

Answers calls for assistance and restores order.  Investigates reports of criminal activity. 
Issues citations for parking and traffic infractions, code, ordinance and other violations.
Assists in the apprehension of wanted persons.  

Transports prisoners and assumes responsibility for their safety and personal property while in custody. 

Searches for, collects and preserves evidence at crime scenes.  Conducts criminal investigations. Identifies suspects and exercises powers of arrest.

Investigates narcotic violations, organized crime suspects and juvenile situations and takes appropriate action when necessary.

Inspects liquor sales establishments and places of entertainment to enforce standards required by law.

Prepares and maintains reports of accidents, complaints, offenses and other incidents.  

Assists in the prosecution of suspects. 

Attends court proceedings as necessary to testify regarding criminal investigations or traffic enforcement activities.

Serves civil and criminal processes, including warrants and subpoenas.

Assists at accidents and fires and other emergencies by controlling crowds, directing traffic and assisting in rescue operations.  Directs traffic at parades, ceremonies and other events.  

Performs police escort work as required.

Provides assistance fingerprinting and photographing suspects, training police auxiliaries and servicing departmental equipment.

Operates police vehicles, surveillance and communications equipment, breathalyzers, firearms and other implements approved for use in the line of duty.

Assists in coordinating activities and informational exchanges with other law enforcement agencies.

Assists and presents safety education and crime prevention programs, such as the Active Crime Prevention Program or the Passive Crime Prevention Program.

Attends trainings, meetings, workshops and conferences as directed to maintain proficiency in law enforcement.

Performs other duties as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Minimum Qualifications

Requirements include the following:

Associate’s degree in criminal justice, police science, or a related field.

Certification as a Police Officer by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards or certifiable.

State of Michigan Vehicle Operator’s License.

Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of modern law enforcement.

Knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable in criminal investigative work and municipal police work and skill in following these procedures in routine and emergency situations.

Ability to learn City ordinances and processes for achieving code compliance.

Knowledge of the basic rules of evidence and other legal procedures applicable in the prosecution of crimes.

Knowledge of federal and state laws and local ordinances and the limitations on police authority.

Skill in the operation of police vehicles, surveillance and communication equipment, firearms, breathalyzers, chemical sprays, and other implements used in the line of duty.

Ability to work effectively under stress in emergency and confrontational situations according to an established command structure, and observe established procedures.

Ability to make sound, independent decisions when no assistance is available.

Ability to exercise good judgment, initiative and resourcefulness and maintain effective working relationships with the public, elected officials, community leaders, victims, detainees and other professionals.

Ability to use basic office equipment such as telephone, calculator, photocopier, fax and computer with applicable software applications such as word processing and specialized department software, as well as email/internet/world wide web. 

Ability to work shifts of varying lengths and different times of the day, including weekends and holidays, as necessary.

City employees are expected to possess and maintain a record of orderly, law-abiding citizenship, sobriety, integrity and loyalty as it pertains to and reflects upon their employment with the City.

City employees must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential duties of their position without excessive absences.

In addition to the above requirements, all City positions require the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language as necessary for the position, including the ability to follow written and oral instructions.

Physical Demands and Work Environment

While performing the duties of this job, the employee’s environment can range from an office setting to highly dangerous law enforcement situations.  Physical demands, therefore, range from sitting in an office or vehicle to exercising the strength, mobility, dexterity and stamina associated with apprehending criminals.  The employee is regularly required to communicate with others in person and on the telephone or radio, use sight to review documents and assess public safety scenes, and must regularly travel to other locations.


Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sec, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, or the presence of a medical condition or handicap which is not job related. For most positions in the Police, Fire, Public Works, Water and Parks and Recreation Departments, applicants must have and maintain a good driving record.