City of Bremmerton

Bremerton , WA

Director of Financial Services

City of Bremmerton
Bremerton, WA Full-time
Posted on June 9, 2019

Director of Financial Services

Recruitment open until filled $126,689 - $154,358 annually.

Representative Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
(Note – This list is intended only to illustrate the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements does not exclude them from the position.)

Ensures effective management and financial integrity of the City's programs, activities and resources by providing guidance, developing, implementing and monitoring policies and systems in the areas of budget, financial administration, treasury, accounting, purchasing, internal controls, information technology, and contract administration.  

Assume full management responsibility for the Financial Services Divisions including complex budgeting, purchasing, accounting, financial, information technology, contract administration and the City Public Access Television station.

Lead and mentor staff in achieving programs and objectives, and monitor outcomes.  Provide advice and information to other departments, Mayor and City Council in support of the Department of Financial Service requirements and City goals and objectives. Develop new systems and procedures to improve efficiency.  Develop and ensure accountability for completion of departmental goals, objectives and work functions. 

Review and prepare proposed legislation, testify before legislative committees and meet with legislators. Coordinate internally with Mayor, City Council and staff and externally with other governments, local Chamber of Commerce, business, Association of Washington Cities (AWC) and City consultants.

Participate in a variety of special projects as directed by the Mayor such as economic development strategies, new facilities, and purchase and sale of land.

Compile and coordinate research for surveys and prepare reports.  Develop and implement policies, procedures, ordinances and resolutions.  Review and sign off on agenda items for City Council.  Seek funding opportunities through grants and legislation.  Respond to inquiries and complaints from officials, staff, outside agencies and the public.

Design, negotiate and administer contracts, franchises and agreements.

Participate on statutory committees and with other civic, community and professional
Organizations. Represent the City at public functions and meetings, and maintain awareness of changes and opportunities for local government through professional organizations.

Provide financial operations, planning and consulting services to the Mayor, City Council and City departments on specific municipal finance issues, budget preparation, and consequences of fiscal alternatives and options.

Prepare City-wide written finance-related policies and procedures (sometimes through ordinances and resolutions) that help safeguard the City's assets and ensure compliance with State regulations.

Assist the Mayor in overseeing and coordinating the City's cyclical financial planning functions, including its annual and multiple-year budget and City-wide capital improvement program (CIP), and coordinate the production of related official City publications.

Monitor financial trends and budgeted revenues and expenditures of the City to ensure that fiscal responsibility and control is maintained and to assure the fiscal well-being of the City.

Plan, coordinate and manage the City's interim and long-term debt finance issues in accordance with the City's debt management policies, including retention of qualified bond counsel and underwriter(s). 

Report the results of City financial operations to both City management and the City Council through monthly and quarterly reporting. Provide financial analyses, reports and information to the Mayor, City departments and City Council to optimize effective and responsible decision-making.

Interface with the State Auditor during the annual audit of the City, coordinating the City's compliance efforts, and responding both orally and in writing to recommendations, concerns and findings.

Develop the annual revenue estimates for use in developing the annual or biennial budgets. Prepare, monitor and is responsible for the budgets of the Financial Services Department, Miscellaneous Non-Departmental, all debt service funds, City capital improvement programs, and other Mayor-assigned operating funds and departments.

Direct and oversee the preparation of various State, Federal and other agency reports and ensure that payments made are in compliance to State and Federal statutes and regulations.

Provide professional City-related financial advice to the Mayor, City Council and Department Directors, making verbal and written presentations as may be needed or requested; provide financial analyses and interpretations of consultant, legislative, and other related mandates and proposals impacting the City's financial position.

Other Duties 

  • Regular attendance is an essential requirement
  • Performs related work as assigned and/or required

Qualifying Education and Experience (Minimum Requirements):

Bachelor's degree in business, finance or public administration or closely related field and seven (7) years increasingly responsible work experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity.  CPA, MBA or MPA highly desirable. 

Knowledge of:
• Pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations.
• City ordinances, policy, charter and state law relating to municipal government.
• Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP, GASB,), theory and practices, as well as financial analysis and research techniques.
• Financial software application programs and information systems technology and applications.
• Modern principles and practices of management and supervision, and public sector personnel laws, regulations and policies.
• Advanced level of contract development and negotiations.
• Strong knowledge of internal financial controls.
• Payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, local and state procurement.
• Principles and practices of records management including records retention laws.
• Proficiency with PC and various application software.
• Mastery of budgetary principles, practices, operations and procedures.
• Thorough understanding of State BARS and general State law as it relates to municipal finance in Washington State.
• General business and financial management practices needed to operate effectively in the City's general business environment.
• Federal Office of Financial Management (OMB) grant circular requirements and grant administration.

Ability to:
• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing and maintain quality-working relationships with other City employees and the public during the course of work.  Tact, patience and courtesy are needed, as well as the ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to lay people.
• Ability to interpret and understand complex information and legal documents.
• Managing municipal debt, work with bond counsel and underwriters.
• Strong leadership skills with the ability to foster teamwork and collaboration within the organization
• Allocate resources effectively.
• Effectively plan, develop and maintain complex detailed administrative projects and programs.
• Conduct effective public presentations geared to a wide variety of audiences.
• Negotiate complex agreements that adhere to the goals, strategic plans and policies of the City
• Interpret and understand complex information and legal documents and conceptualize, organize, and direct complex and interrelated financial functions and planning programs to promote, accuracy and compliance with laws and financial management standards, and to produce information which will assist the Mayor achieve the City's objectives and overall mission.
• Skill in preparing and directing the preparation of policies, procedures, ordinances, resolutions, comprehensive budgets, analyses, reports and recommendations.
• Understand the City's political environment and have sensitivity to that environment, and have the ability to function effectively within that environment.
• Identify the department's future direction in response to changing City needs, and to develop, implement, and monitor appropriate plans, goals and objectives, schedules and action steps
• Plan and organize and meet rigid schedules and demanding time-lines.
• Establish and execute complex oral and written instructions and to apply available guidelines to various situations.
• Provide leadership, counsel, motivation, and constructive performance reviews to department personnel at all levels, securing their respective commitments to the goals of the department and the City.
• Quickly grasp technical financial principles and procedures, and carry on more than one function at a time in an environment subject to many distractions.