Credit Portfolio Officer

Citibank, N.A.   Irving, TX   Full-time     Finance
Posted on September 10, 2023
Credit Portfolio Officer
Citibank, N.A.
(Irving, TX)
Dvlp & apply statistical theory
& methods to collect,
organize, interpret, &
summarize numerical data to provide usable info for credit review, strategy dvlpmnt & credit migration. REQS: Master's dgr or frgn equiv in Ecnmcs, Statstcs,
Finance, or rltd fld & 2 yrs of exper as a Crdt Portfl Snr Anlyst, Crdt Rsk Rprtng
Offcr, Quantv Rsk Mdlr, Offcr, Quant Modling or
rltd postn invlvng crdt rsk mngmnt for the financl servs indstry. Altrntvly, emplyr will accpt a Bachlr's dgr in
the statd flds & 5 yrs of the specfd progrssv, post-bacc exper. 2 yrs of exper must incld: SAS/SQL prgrmmng in LINUX envrnmnt; Mcrsft Tools: Excl & Pwr Point; Segmntn, regrssn & simultn technqs; Valdtn technqs of crdt
rsk score mdls; Implmntn technqs of advncd statstcl models; Statstcl data anlys
& valdtn. Salary range: $131,900 to $162,000/yr;
40 hrs/wk. Applcnts submit
resumes at by email to Citigroup
Recruiting Dept. at
NAMobilityRecruitment@ Please reference Job ID #23683971. EO Employer.

Citibank, N.A.

Irving , TX