Grounds keeping & Maintenance

Carson Valley/Tahoe Self Storage
Carson City, NV Full-time
Posted on July 3, 2019

Grounds keeping & Maintenance Needed As as possible.

Starting at $11 per hour, with Benefits.


Because groundskeepers are employed by a variety of commercial, residential and recreational properties in all climates, responsibilities may vary. Grounds maintenance duties usually consist of up keeping lawns, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and other landscaping elements. Workers may also tend to the seasonal needs of walkways and parking lots, as well as site-specific structures like fountains, seating areas, fences and buildings.

Groundskeepers who maintain athletic fields and golf courses have specialized maintenance tasks. For example, crews caring for athletic fields paint boundaries and logos, inspect natural turf for aeration and drainage issues and prevent bacterial growth in artificial turf. Those working as greenskeepers are also responsible for the length and condition of grasses, greens and other elements of golf courses.

Maintenance groundskeepers use a variety of hand tools and powered equipment, such as lawnmowers, rakes, trimmers, chainsaws and snow blowers. Workers may also apply chemicals, including fertilizers or pesticides. The work is physically taxing and requires being outdoors in all kinds of weather, sometimes to prevent or repair weather-related issues.

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