Web Software Engineer #SE7819

Bridgeport, CT Area Jobs
Bridgeport, CT Full-time
Posted on July 14, 2019

Software Engineer sought by Priceline.com LLC (Norwalk, CT): Develop, test, maintain & support web services/Application programming interfaces (API) written in Java, NodeJs, & Python.

Requires: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineer or related & 2 years software development/engineering experience in web application development & infrastructure automation. Will accept Master's degree & 1 year experience in lieu of Bachelor's degree & 2 years experience. Experience specified must include 2 years experience (1 year if Master's) with each of the following: Javascript; Java or Python; MySQL & Oracle; Spring; Ansible; Apache Tomcat; Apache Web Server or Nginx; F5 & TCL scripting; Git & SVN; & Linux/Unix.