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Bridgeport , CT

Horse Groomer

Bridgeport, CT Area Jobs
Bridgeport, CT Full-time
Posted on April 14, 2019

Davenport Enterprises, Inc. (Bedford, NY) seeks Barn Supervisor to assist in management of daily care of horse/prep. for show/including feeding/watering/bathing/brushing & clipping of horses. Train new horse grooms. Develop/enforce dietary conditioning program/exercise routines & schedules for horses. Order supplies & feed. Maintain equipment, supply & feed inventory. Administer meds/assist vet. Manage stable attendants & staff. Manage logistics of horses/staff traveling to shows, transport of horses, equipment. Strong knowledge of FEI rules & regulations. Ability to lift 150 lbs. with assist. 1 years' experience as show groom for jumping horses. Travel to show locations.