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Part-Time Financial Assistant/Accounts Payable Clerk

Biggs Unified School District
Biggs, CA Full-time
Posted on April 16, 2019

Part-Time Financial Assistant/Accounts Payable Clerk needed at Biggs Unified School, 300 B Street, Biggs.

Minimum Qualifications:

Personal Qualities: 

1. Maintain a professional appearance; meet District standards for physical and mental health; demonstrate enthusiasm for assignment; demonstrate ability to maintain cooperative relations with others.  Must be organized, self-motivated, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
2. Knowledge of:  purchasing/accounts payable cycle and Microsoft Office (Excel and Word).
3. Ability to operate a 10-key adding machine and other standard office equipment.

Education and Experience: High School diploma. Experience highly desirable.

Job Goal:

To contribute to the efficient operation of the Business Office to enable the education process to continue. To assist the Financial Officer with accounts payable, payroll and other general accounting duties.  

Performance Responsibilities:

· Determine eligibility and assure accuracy of account classification for payment of all invoices by vendor and charging proper budgets for District expense items; keypunch warrants through Butte County Superintendent of Schools on-line computer system; process warrants for mailing and maintain accounts payable files. 

. Use fund coding for all invoices and materials due for payment and/or journal entries; maintain accuracy of encumbrance listing. 

. Assist Financial Officer in contacting vendors, issuing of purchase orders and maintaining purchase order list; code purchase orders for payment. 

. Receive and process incoming financial documents; perform financial reconciling and posting; maintain records for assigned accounts. 

. Oversee and participate in processing a variety of purchasing documents; examine and check requisitions; monitor departmental accounts to assure adequate funds for purchases. 

. Answer phones; provide information and assistance to vendors' and bidders' representatives, District personnel and visitors. 

. Maintain and assist in the preparation of a variety of records and reports regarding consumer usage tax, commercial reports, journal entries, financial data input, commercial warrants and other related matters. 

. Submit reports and payments to Board of Equalization for out-of-state sales tax due. 

. Verify accuracy of information reported on Form 1099 to the state (monthly) and federal government (yearly). 

. Prepare and type correspondence to vendors; maintain telephone contact with vendors, District employees, auditors and other personnel. 

. Operate a variety of office equipment including a calculator, computer terminal, typewriter, fax machine, copier, telephone, and printer. 

. Assist in processing contracts, leases, utilities, insurance, benefits and service agreements and other invoices; match invoices to packing slips, process and input invoices into computer for audit and payment; compute discounts, mail warrants to vendors. 

. Prepare documents for computer input; operate a computer terminal to input and receive information as assigned. 

. Contact vendors to get credit/refund/replacement for merchandise returned/defective/lost/shorted in shipment. 

. Send out fixed asset inventory sheets to staff and provide invoice copies to the Receptionist/CBO Secretary for input into the fixed asset system.                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    . Complete and submit various reports as required for the Board packet for Governing Board meetings 

. Maintain balance in postage account and refill postage meter in the District Office. 

. Order/pick up supplies and troubleshoot/arrange for repairs of photocopy machines, printers and fax machines for District Office. 

. Research and provide documentation to school sites to meet grant requirements. 

. Provide financial records to district and county auditors. 

. Work directly with Superintendent, Financial Officer and Board of Trustees on confidential personnel, payroll, negotiations, and employee contract matters. 

. Perform general accounting clerical functions in related areas as assigned. 

. Perform related work as required.