Food Service Director

Posted on May 27, 2022

Food Service Director Farmington River Regional School District 555 North Main Road Otis, MA 01253

QUALIFICATIONS & PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Food Service Director reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools. The Director shall perform in an administrative and supervisory role coordinating all aspects of the District's Child Nutrition Program (CNP) including work to provide an environment for improving student health and nutrition. The job functions include administering, planning, directing, assessing, implementing and evaluating the program in order to meet the nutritional and educational needs of students, as it relates to CNP. The successful candidate will have primary responsibilities for all district initiatives in the District's Child Nutrition Program. Plans, directs, and budgets for food services. Assumes responsibility for the entire food service operation, including all program, personnel, menu, quality, and fiscal issues. Completes and submits all required reports, financial and otherwise, to state and federal agencies. Maintains program in conformity with federal, state, and local program regulations, policies, and health standards, operating in a sanitary and safe environment. Manages food service facility, including receiving all food and food supplies. Orders food items and supplies as needed in a cost-effective manner and conformity with the federal and state procurement laws and local procurement policies/procedures, and maintains inventories of food, supplies, and equipment. Examines food services site on a regular basis to determine needed repairs and maintenance. Consults with school administrators regarding services for special events. Oversees and/or recommends the recruitment, appointment, assignment, evaluation, discipline, and dismissal of food service personnel. Plans and tracks professional development training for food service staff in compliance with state and federal regulations. Develops and integrates employee safety regulations into all aspects of the food service operation. Works with the Business Manger to develop and maintain a long-term capital plan for equipment and facilities. Works to provide nutritional and educational opportunities to students, staff, and the educational community. Performs similar or related work as required or as situations dictate.

Recommended Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma (or GED) AND a minimum of three years relevant experience in school nutrition programs. At least 8 hours of food safety training within the past five years, or documentation on how such will be obtained within 30 days of hire. ServSafe certification or documentation on how such will be obtained within 30 days of hire.

Knowledge/Ability/Skills: Thorough knowledge of the administration, foods, equipment, materials, methods, and techniques relative to food service operations. Ability to plan, assign, and supervise the work of groups of employees. Valid driver's license Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel Experience with Point-of-Sale systems

Physical Requirements: Moderate physical exertion is required such as walking, standing, reaching, bending, squatting, lifting, pushing, and twisting.

CONTRACT SALARY: Salary negotiable